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Free Urban Beekeeping Class — Wednesday

bees Bees are a notorious menace: rabid, bloodthirsty predators that leave everything coated in a brown, sticky goo. Bees can smell fear so you must show them who’s boss. (This unidentified expert demonstrates accepted intimidation techniques such as growling, and being large.) The Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) and Farm Fresh Rhode Island are taking a somewhat different approach to all this.

The urban beekeeping primer will be taught by Kelly Smith, Davis Park Community Garden coordinator. Kelly owns 5 beehives and has taken bee school classes and a week-long intensive advanced course by the Eastern Apicultural Society. Kelly will give a basic overview about what it means to keep bees in the city, going over topics such as materials required for urban beekeeping, resources and available education options for bee school.

Join Ms. Smith in the greenhouse during the Wednesday Wintertime Farmers Market. (Our attorney has urged us to make absolutely clear, this is not Ms. Smith in this picture.) To preregister for the workshop you may call 401.273.9419, ext. 29, email SCLT at, or register online at Plant Providence.

Urban Beekeeping, free, 6pm to 7pm, Wednesday, January 25, Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket