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Grilled Cuttlefish Wednesdays — O Dinis

deer These are not cuttlefish. Not even close. I meant to take a picture of this succulent dish on a recent trip to O Dinis, but as soon as it came to the table I just started eating and I couldn’t stop. The grilled cuttlefish is only available on Wednesdays, but everything else I have ever tried has been excellent as well. (They also have an octopus special, not grilled, on Fridays which I have not tried.) The decor of this extraordinary little Portuguese restaurant is somewhat eccentric. The assorted stuffed animals were gifts to owner Dinis Paiva, but he is responsible for amassing the vintage radio collection on display (pix after jump). A television tuned to a Portuguese network is generally on — soccer is a big favorite — and most of the customers and waitresses are conversing in Portuguese as well. It’s an exceptional experience.

The grilled cuttlefish comes with either boiled potatoes or rice. I recommend the rice so you can more effectively wrangle all the sauce onto your fork and into your mouth.

O Dinis, 579 Warren Avenue, East Providence, open seven days, 438.3769



O Dinis

One thought on “Grilled Cuttlefish Wednesdays — O Dinis”

  1. Jack says:

    This place is awesome, never been disappointed.

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