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Weekend In Music

Razormaze Friday@the Met, Lions Lions, Raindance, Die Another Day, Maker, Anchorlines @the PVD Social Club, It Lives It Breathes, Impulse, On Hope Alone, Action in the Skyline @AS220, Razormaze, Bog of the Infidel, Brain Shivers, Noose @the Spot Underground, Dopapod, the Mantras @Fête, Soulshot @Firehouse 13, Mattera, the Can’t Nots, Fall and Bounce, Vagora @the Speakeasy Local 121, Moga, Sugar Honey Iced Tea, the Mighty Good Boys @Lupo’s, Dada Life, Hardwell

Saturday@Fête Ballroom, Cowboy Junkies @the Speakeasy Local 121, the Famous Winters, Oranjuly, Trash Gut @AS220, Lolita Black, Icebox, Mary Christ, Gertrude Atherton @Nick-A-Nee’s, Otis Read and Friends @the Met, Pistol Shot, Gypsy, Stealing Gadsby, Echoes of Petra, Superlimit @Firehouse 13, Tony Jones and the Cretin 3, Damn Broads, Krinkly Ass Krackers @Fête Lounge, Black Milk with Nat Turner @the Spot Underground, the McLovins, Midnight, Daddie Long Legs

Sunday@the PVD Social Club, the Toasters, Senior Discount, the Rudie Crew, Copacetics, Short-handed Goal @the Met (Hall of Fame Concert) Roomful of Blues, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band @the German Club, Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble @AS220, the Shape, A Night Sky

(Photo of Razormaze)