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Welcome New York Gourmands

New York Magazine

But if you came to the Providence Daily Dose looking for restaurant deals, sorry. A piece in the Friday ‘Weekend Travel’ section of New York magazine — “Eat Your Way Through Providence” — gives the Providence Daily Dose a nod and a link (screen grab above) so that’s very exciting. However, we have no deals to offer, restaurant or otherwise.

The rest of the article is actually pretty good. Food writer Jake Lemkowitz seems to have actually visited Providence and been shown around by some savvy local. He makes specific recommendations for Ama’s, La Laiterie, and New Rivers. Pastiche, Julian’s, and even the Ratskeller at the German-American Club also get a mention. (Caution: The “eating ” portion of the visit should probably be curtailed once you get to the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab. Sure it all looks delicious, but I found the stuffing to be quite dry.)

In conclusion: Hooray we’re famous. Kinda sorta.

3 thoughts on “Welcome New York Gourmands”

  1. Beth Comery says:

    Oh we think it’s great fun. It’s just that we got a mention for something we have never ever done which is “restaurant deals.” So it seemed a little odd, or like they might have us confused with someone else. But we were excited. New York magazine is a big deal.

  2. rigal says:

    🙂 i have to laugh at your response to being mentioned in that article. i would have thought your reaction would be ‘hey, great!’? instead, it was more like ‘hey, so what…’. 🙂


  3. Jack says:

    I can’t recall ever seeing a restaurant deal on here.
    The projo and groupon have good ones from time to time.

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