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Small Factory Reunion Saturday At The Met

small factory The dream of the 90’s is alive in Pawtucket . . . Tickets are still available for the reunion of beloved Providence indie band Small Factory. People of a certain age are pretty excited about this event, hoping to hoist a few with people they may not have seen in a while to music that makes them really happy. Described at the Met website,

While never the most popular, most acclaimed, or most innovative act on the underground pop scene, in their own way, Small Factory crystallized and articulated the effervescent brilliance of American indie rock like no other band of their era. Small Factory formed in Providence in 1991, teaming singer/bassist Alex Kemp, singer/guitarist Dave Auchenbach, and singer/drummer Phoebe Summersquash. After earning a strong local following, the group made an enormous splash at the now-legendary Lotsa-Pop-Losers festival in Washington, D.C.

This show spins out of the current chickfactor 20 tour (doing it in spite of the kids) described by Pitchfork as  “. . . a marathon of 20th anniversary shows with a stacked lineup of twee luminaries.” Three shows are scheduled for Brooklyn and two in the D.C. area throughout April.

Opening acts for Saturday’s show: Honeybunch and Flower Gang.

$12, doors 8pm, show 9pm, Saturday, April 14, the Met, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket