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Daily Archives: 05/15/2012

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Shilling For Schilling

The next time someone suggests that a man will make a great governor (or president) because of his business background, just remind them of the “Reckoning” that Governor Donald Carcieri (Republican) has left behind for the taxpayers of Rhode Island. The news that Curt Schilling’s

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Music At Blood Drive Co-op

(5.15) Live music tonight at Blood Drive Co-op: A Troop of Echoes, Scylla, Psychic Paramount, Cosmic Factory, Jet Pilot, Those Along, War Tortoise $10, 7pm, Tuesday, May 15, Blood Drive Co-op, 745 Branch Avenue, all ages

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Lobby For Tax Fairness At State House

(5.15) Online petitions are all well and good, but you can really get the attention of your legislators by showing up in person and getting noisy. Head down to the State House rotunda and join Ocean State Action at ‘Tax Fairness Lobby Day.’ When the