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Daily Archives: 05/24/2012

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Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, Fairhaven (cd release) Kingston 530, the Cringe, Last One Out @the Ruins, Metcalf, Needlework, Melt Into Place, Fear Reprisal, Lower the Casket, Astrela @Nick-A-Nee’s, Double Decker Dance Band @AS220, Good Luck, Spoonboy, 926 Main Street Apt. 2, Two Headed Dog @PVD

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Get Your Spring On — Saturday Hike In The Great Swamp

If you’re regretting that it’s almost Memorial Day and you still haven’t taken that awesome hike you’ve been meaning to, join RI Sierra Club on their annual Vernal Pools outing down in the Great Swamp this Saturday (May 26) afternoon led by Sierra Club’s own

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Haven Brothers Documentary Needs You

Wow. Talk about your apostrophe catastrophes. If you can remember this early version of the beloved City Hall snack wagon — the oldest operating American diner on wheels — the makers of a new documentary really want to hear from you. In fact anybody with