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Daily Archives: 05/25/2012

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What Cheer Antiques Dollar Dayz

From the Daltrys in these final days at the Wayland Square location. We’re nearing the end of the sale and it’s gone really well. We’ve moved a bunch of stuff to our new space, but there’s still lots of stuff at the Wayland Square space

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Girls Rock At Empire Guitars

(5.26) Here’s a scene being played out in music stores far and wide across the free rockin’ world; he was pretty good too. But tomorrow the girls will be taking over. On Saturday afternoon Girls Rock! Rhode Island will help the folks at Empire Guitars

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Falcons Fully Fledged

You go . . . no, you go . . . I’ll go if you go. This will be the last peregrine update as the nesting box without the adorable nestlings will be quite nauseating to behold. The first report was just last month when

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Full-On WaterFire

(5.26) First of the season. Eighty bonfires till midnight timed to coincide with Brown Commencement and alumni weekend. This is what you do with your parents. Starry starry night, the Oracles, Spogga the Fire Dancer, fried dough, Luminaria, Joe Castiglione (what?), and the Origami Guy