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Columbus On Dostoevsky — Athenaeum Salon

C&P poster (12.7) Some people are so ambitious and energetic it is positively annoying. For instance, I have been known to casually drop the occasional “Crime and Punishment” reference into a conversation so as to appear cultured and accomplished. I read a chapter book! Meanwhile, Trinity Rep artistic director Curt Columbus was translating this same book into English while simultaneously adapting it for the stage.

His work, with Marilyn Campbell, as translator/adaptor turning Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” into a taut theatrical thriller has been called by the New York Times “a feat that rivals the construction of the Hoover Dam….”

My ‘To Do’ list so rarely includes “learn new alphabet.” Truth be told, I really loved this book and will probably want to reread it before checking out Trinity’s upcoming production (January/February).

So head down to the Athenaeum today where Columbus will discuss the challenging task of bringing Russian authors to life in a contemporary, American vernacular, as well the anti-theatrical nature of 19th century philosophical novels… and how to theatricalize them anyway.

First question: Why can’t the Athenaeum and Columbus even agree on how to spell Dostoevsky/Dostoyevsky? Who do you go with here?

5pm to 7pm, Friday, December 7, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street