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Three Wishes For 2013

aladdin's lamp One: I wish the NFL would dial back on the Pink October thing. Has anyone suggested to them that some people with cancer look forward to the games as a way of escaping from their problems and may not welcome the continual reminders. Plus the aesthetics are dire, especially with the Redskins uniform. Perhaps that Easy-Bake oven girl could take this one on; most grown women dislike the color pink as much as little boys do. The NFL can’t be expected to do this forever — certainly, one Sunday a year ought to do it. (More on Pink Ribbon Fatigue at NYT.)

Two: I wish the local news stations would stop airing footage of terrified and injured animals running around stores and highways. It’s not cute; it’s disturbing and unpleasant, and is rarely, if ever, actually “local news.”

Three: I want Fang Island to come to Providence and play for me. Chris Conti had a comprehensive end-of-year roundup in The Phoenix last month of the local music scene and cd releases, to which I would just add ‘Major’ by Fang Island. They may live in Brooklyn now, but Fang Island will be a Providence band forever (they met at RISD). So get your asses back here.

(You can play Aladdin’s Castle at Fertile Underground.)