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New Bakery/Coffee Shop Downtown

ellie's Ellie’s Bakery opened up just last week at 61 Washington Street serving baked goods made on the premises as well as espresso drinks. Also, cozy interior (pix after the jump) with a good view of the street for people-watching.

Seen here is barista, and occasional Dose contributor, Jim Almo. (Jim is glowering at me specifically . . . he is usually quite pleasant.)

Mr. Almo (a former What Cheer Brigade percussionist) and his new band Local Lights open tonight (Saturday) in the AS220 concert hall. They go on at 9:30pm sharp. (He’s in the band, it isn’t his band. I don’t want to start a fight, but I’m also tired of trying to fix that sentence.)


ellie's wall

The bakery is on Washington Street, between Eddy Street and Lupo’s. Look for the rooster.