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New Owner For Clarke Flower Shop

clarke flower shop Real estate developer and life-long Providence resident Peter M. Scotti has purchased the Clarke Flower Shops property at 398 Hope Street. An effort in 2011 by the former owner to raze the building and develop a new drive-through coffee shop was abandoned in the face of vehement neighborhood opposition who expressed traffic and safety concerns. Scotti tells the Providence Journal that he is optimistic a more appropriate use can be found for the property.

Scotti, who lives and works on Hope Street, said he wasn’t “overly concerned about it,” but said, “The big problem with that was the drive-through.”

It would be hard to find a developer with more genuine affection for the structure — a teenaged Peter Scotti actually worked there when it was McCarron’s Flowers — but the building and greenhouse have fallen into disrepair. Providence Preservation Society president James Brayton Hall hopes that at least the façade can be saved.