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Anne Boleyn At The Gamm Starts Thursday

Anne Boleyn The U.S. premiere of “Anne Boleyn” starts Thursday, January 17 at the Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket.

British playwright Howard Brenton (Paul, Pravda) puts a radically revisionist spin on the life and legacy of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s notorious second wife, in this rollicking, often laugh-out-loud funny drama. Traditionally portrayed as siren pawn or sexual predator, Brenton’s Boleyn is witty and confident as she takes on the vicious world of Tudor Court politics to help create Protestant England and remake the world.

Seen here: Madeleine Lambert as Anne Boleyn. Photo by Peter Goldberg.

Runs January 17 through February 17, Gamm Theatre, 172 Exchange Street, Pawtucket, 723.4266