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Weekend In Music

Midnight Creeps Friday@the Met, the Toasters, Mrs. Skannotto, the Copacetics, Short Handed Goal @Nick-A-Nee’s, Becky Chace Band @AS220, Child Bite, Tinsel Teeth, Idiot Vehicle, the Gondoliers @Speakeasy Local 121, Coyote Kolb, Larcenist, Cannibal Ramblers @the Spot, Hot Day at the Zoo @Lupo’s, Get the Led Out @PVD Social Club, Suicide Bill, Groundhawgs, Galvanize @Firehouse 13, the Washingtons, Fly Kite Canvas @Machines With Magnets, Jamaica Queens, Kolour Kult, Unicorn Hardon

Saturday@Firehouse 13, MOTO, Midnight Creeps, White Dynomite, Jethro Tides’ Band @Fête ballroom, Umphrey’s McGee @Lupo’s, Martin Sexton @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Moldy Suitcases @the Met, twenty|one|pilots, New Politics, Fairhaven @PVD Social Club, Jesse James Martin, Skitzophrenic Nightmare, Canna Da Klown, Gravy the Grimrapper, and more @the Parlour, Two and ½ Men, Mike Maven @AS220, Bloodpheasant, Tyler Bean, the Tower and the Fool, Alpha Owl @the Apartment, Applied Science, Dirt, Cad @Speakeasy Local 121, Turbo AC’s, Lenny Lashley, Brian McGee, Chris Rosenquest @Dusk, Ramming Speed, Sexcrement, Clot

Sunday@AS220, Joanne Lurgio, Colby and Keila, Dave Moretti, Mark Greenwood, and more @Fête ballroom, School of Rock presents Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’

Photo of Midnight Creeps by Jocelyn Dean