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Oscar Nominated Shorts At The Cable Car

Fresh Guacamole Starting tonight the 2013 Oscar Nominated Short Films at the Cable Car. The New York Times describes two of the animated entries.

Of the animated shorts the cleverest, Timothy Reckart’s “Head Over Heels,” is a diabolical exercise in stop-motion animation in which an estranged, long-married couple occupy the same house in an upside-down world. One lives on the ceiling, the other on the floor, and they keep colliding.

In John Kahrs’s wistful black-and-white “Paperman,” set in mid-20th-century Manhattan, a man in an office tries to catch the attention of a woman he fancies by tossing paper gliders out a window toward her.

The animated and live action shorts are divided into separate screenings. Check live action schedule and animation schedule. (Seen here is “Fresh Guacamole.”)

Through February 7, Oscar Shorts, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street