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Dogs (Hot And Scurvy)

dog eat dog Join Brian Oakley and Joshua Kemp III for ‘Be Stiff!’ at the Scurvy Dog.

We’re gonna take our party to the next level… Join us EVERY Tuesday starting February 5th!!!!

DJ Brian Shawn Oakley & Joshua Livingston Kemp the First will entertain you with whatever the heck tuneage and tubeage they feel like playing. Acid Punk, Smooth Grind, Senior Contemporary, Hard Listening, Feel Bad Oldies… PLUS Jennifer will be doing DOG EAT DOG, serving up hot dogs featuring unique flavor combinations that you don’t know you love yet!

Eat the Bry, or the Kemp. Be the first to make obvious rude jokes about hot dogs and other hot dog-shaped things named after people you know.

10pm to 1am, Tuesdays, Scurvy Dog, 1718 Westminster Street