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Midweek Music

vertical twin Wednesday@the Apartment, Troop of Echoes @Dusk, metal night @the Met, Nymphidels, aboneyshow, Cannibal Ramblers

Thursday@Roots Cultural Center, The Can’t Nots, Local Lights,* Vertical Twin @the Met, the Anchors, Wind in Sails, the Roman Numeral Three @Firehouse 13, Nymphidels, Fall and Bounce, SexCoffee

*Newcomers Local Lights describe themselves as a combination of gritty guitar with shout-along vocals/garage rock and punk for fans of the Pixies, the Clash, and early Radiohead, and the drummer is my friend so they get a special mention plus I saw them and they are really good, but they are so new that they don’t really have any pix up yet that don’t remind me of Armada from The Kids in the Hall.

(Zazzy action shot of Vertical Twin)