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Branding The Weather

snow I think we can forget about the ‘Weekend in Music’ feature this week. Known cancellations: AS220 has cancelled all activities for Friday and Saturday; the Met has postponed the Friday Neighborhoods show to April 27; Firehouse 13 has postponed Friday’s Madball; Fête has postponed its Mardi Gras party. Does any of this really need to be said?

Due to “Winter Storm Nemo” RIPTA will suspend all service at noon Friday, and the Mayor has announced a citywide parking ban also starting at noon. Go here for more info about trash pickup, etc.

Now about that name. It is the Weather Channel and not the National Weather Service that is coming up with these storm names, and the Weather Service is not all that happy about it. According to Media Coder at the New York Times the Weather Service is advising its forecasters not to participate.

Many reporters and weather experts continue to roll their eyes at the channel’s storm-naming, just as they did when it was announced last November. It’s widely viewed as a marketing ploy, even though some skeptics admit that the names help raise awareness about storms. On Thursday, a National Weather Service spokesman reiterated, “We never have, nor do we have any plans to consider naming winter storms.”

The Weather Channel insists it was not referencing the cartoon fish but rather Captain Nemo the hero of Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” (‘Nemo’ was an allusion to Homer’s Odyssey). Coming up? Orko, Plato, and Q.