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Coral Bourgeois At Cade Tompkins

Ode to Wolfe E. Myrow (3.2) A reception Saturday, March 2nd, from 6pm to 8pm, opens the new exhibit by artist Coral Bourgeois at Cade Tompkins Projects — Life Series: Focus on Hands 2013 — with an additional installation of 1400 black and white and decorative tiles surrounding the works.

The images in Life Series depict multiple interactions such as men and women in nature, women in traditional Middle Eastern dress and silhouettes of a young boy’s head with mathematical symbols.

In addition to the Life Series four other seminal works are included in this fully tiled room in the gallery: Ode to Wolfe E. Myrow (seen here), a lushly patterned and intensely beaded work with a nod to Morocco, Dreaming of India, a work that plays with the idea of the exotic world of India both real and imagined, If You Only Knew, a glorious combination of French Empire personalities and architecture pulled together with intense blues and a multiple of beads, and Layers, a geometric conglomeration of lines and circular apertures which reveal images of nature and wildlife in their optical vibrations.

Runs through April 27th, Hours: Saturdays 10am to 6pm/weekdays by appointment, Cade Tompkins Projects, 198 Hope Street