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Best Use of Post-Consumer Plastic Bags Ever

mariner's compass I’m so confused. I have been gassing on and on about disposable plastic bags for years now — and this large window installation is clearly making a statement on that topic — but it’s just so damn cool looking. Don’t make me love plastic bags!

Mariner’s Compass by RISD student Lindsay Carone (MFA Sculpture 2013) has transformed the passageway between the old part of the RISD Museum and the new Chace Center building. The wall text had this to say:

One of the original thirteen colonies, Rhode Island has a rich history on both land and sea. Through a combination of motifs drawn from nautical semaphore flags and a quilt pattern known as the “mariner’s compass,” this work weds land and sea, old and new. Using post-consumer plastic bags that are stitched together, Mariner’s Compass reflects an ever-evolving relationship with material culture.

This installation is not part of the 2013 Faculty Biennial (which is awesome) but rather an annual student competition called ‘Sitings.’  More after jump.

Don’t forget, admission to the RISD Museum is free on Sundays, open 10am to 5pm.

RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street, also 224 Benefit Street, (directions)

Lindsay Carone