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Lilliputian Landscapes At J&W Culinary Museum

Pepper Climber

A reception Thursday kicks off an exhibit at the Johnson & Wales University Culinary Arts Museum theater featuring images of a previously undiscovered, edible, micro-universe. In ‘Lilliputian Landscapes’ photographer Judy Robinson-Cox reveals what’s really going on in your crisper when you’re not looking.

The images in this show are photographs of tabletop dioramas constructed from fruits, vegetables, and tiny plastic figures. Cauliflower becomes a snow-covered hill; a plate of grain looks like a beach; a butternut squash is a construction site. Each scene is constructed in front of the camera without the use of Photoshop.

The reception on Thursday will be catered by Johnson & Wales, with signed photos and cards for sale, and a raffle. Seen here is ‘Pepper Climber.’

Reception 5:30pm to 7:30pm, Thursday, March 28, 315 Harborside Boulevard, (directions)