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Collegiate Bike Race Downtown

risd cycling (4.21) Is nothing sacred . . . RISD students and physical fitness? Muscles?! Personally I like my artists neurasthenic and noodle-shaped. Up at sunrise? Maybe still up. Imagine Toulouse-Lautrec or Jackson Pollock wearing varsity jackets. Kids today.

RISD Cycling — RISD is the only U.S. art school competing in cycling — and Brown will be hosting the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference downtown this Sunday.

Enjoy race day from the center at Market Square – as cyclists ride along the canal. Grab food from RISD dining and Radish Food Truck, as well bike related items on sale from the RISD Store, RISD and Brown Cycling, and their sponsors like Whole Foods, Clif Bar, Cleverhood, City Sports, Garmin, Strava, and All Coast Physical Therapy. Or see the race on the corner of College Street and Benefit Street to see cyclists climb the hill, or watch from Memorial Park to see them sprint for the finish on South Main Street.

Between 200 and 300 riders from 57 colleges will be racing through the RISD campus, around Market Square and Memorial Park.

8am to 2pm, Sunday, April 21, Market Square