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Oysters At North

oysters The next time you need an oyster head over to North in Luongo Square and try the Salt Pond oysters (fresh from Salt Pond Oysters down in South Kingstown). I just polished off a dozen that were brimming with briny oyster liquor; about half I slurped down straight and the rest I dosed with the kimchi vinegar and squirts of lemon. A housemade hot sauce is also available.

Tonight’s shucker, Jen, worked swiftly and opened them clean; oysters are served in an ice-filled channel right in the bar. Oysters  — 6/$12.

Don’t necessarily limit yourself to the oysters, there’s a lot to like on this menu. And for every dish sold, North donates 50¢ to the R.I. Food Bank.

North, open seven nights 5:30pm to midnight/also, Sunday brunch 11am to 5pm, 3 Luongo Square, (directions)