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‘Locally Made’ Still Up Through Nov 3

locally made A few more weeks left of the ‘Locally Made’ exhibit at the RISD Museum. This includes unique midday events (Assembly and Office Hours) in the Contemporary Art Gallery and Chace Center Art Galleries (see calender).

Don’t miss the exhibit of local artists on the sixth floor (go here for individual Studio Notes). Take some time to examine this grouping of screen prints, specifically the one at bottom by Brian Chippendale called ‘Providence 2046’ — the rewards are many. They should put a chair in front.

Also, spend three minutes with the mesmerizing video kaleidoscope ‘Factory’ by Anne Morgan Spalter. If you’ve ever had too much to drink at the Hot Club this might look vaguely familiar. And RISD faculty printmaker Andrew Raftery has rendered contemporary scenes using traditional engraving techniques — is anyone else anywhere even doing this? I covet these pieces.

Museum is closed Mondays. Admission is free every Sunday (10am–5pm) and on the third Thursday evening of each month (5pm–9pm).

‘Locally Made’ through November 3, RISD Museum, 224 Benefit Street and 20 North Main Street, directions