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RISD Student Styles In Technicolor

zoe schlacter At a time of year when the city seems drained of all color, we need this. Meet Nashville native and fashion blogger (Girl with the Flower) Zoe Schlacter, currently a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Zoe caught my eye in the Feb/Mar issue of Bust Magazine which has a regular ‘Looks’ feature highlighting a young style maven, with an emphasis on originality, thrift, and creativity. What a vivid and glorious creature.

Although new to Providence Zoe soon discovered Shop Bananas — the fun modern/retro clothing store on Broadway — and notes in the article that her “I Do Nails” necklace had been purchased there. This image is borrowed from her blog with the caption, “This awesome frog purse and this necklace are both from Shop Bananas in Providence. Bananas is definitely my favorite store in the Providence area. They have so many cute things… I never leave the store empty-handed!” (Proprietor Lizzy Colley is no slouch in the eye-popping apparel department.)

Now about those exquisite headbands! Zoe tells Bust that it all started with store-bought hairclips back in Nashville.

Then I started making my own headbands from craft-store flowers, and added little figurines, and animals, and glow-in-the-dark aliens, and tea sets, and mermaids, and rhinestones, an googly eyes.

Never have these materials been put to such sublime purpose; and the construction is flawless. And they are for sale, along with wrist corsages and sunglasses, at her Etsy page at very reasonable prices.