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WaterFire Mascot Found!

2 thoughts on “WaterFire Mascot Found!”

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Beth, thanks for sharing the news. And thanks to all of the Dose readers for their support. ICYMI: Here is some of the story on how Bean was found, lost, and found again.

    “Rescued x2. Little Miss Bean.

    “We never thought we’d live through a nightmare like this…outer breakdowns, moments of helplessness, sleepless nights, hours and hours and hours of flyering, days of constant work, a million phone calls, tracking tips and lots of miles walked and driven. This very quickly became our reality for 13 days and 12 nights. There was so much light and hope that grew stronger with the start of each new day. That light and hope came from the hundreds of people who truly came to our rescue and supported us along the way. From the beautiful woman we adopted Bean from (Kate!) and Bean’s new behaviorist (Katenna!) to our friends (old and new!) and family. We gathered SO much information with the help of the community, built new relationships that helped spread the word and get us the advice we needed. We met many angels along our way including the one who stuck by us (even in the middle of the night), Sheilah, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    “The more flyering door to door, Facebook shares and loads of stores and telephone poles plastered with flyers the more calls of sightings we got. As these sightings came in we were able to slowly piece together Bean’s route from a kind soul following her in her car as she ran frightened that first day to middle of the night sightings by people heading home from late shifts or starting early for their day. We learned SO much about tracking dogs and how they can switch into survival mode where they’ll hunker down during the days and roam and scavenge at night usually travelling in a loupe following their own scent back to an established safe place. As long as they are not chased or scared from that place or within their route they’ll stay pretty close to where they initially started their route. When they are running scared from whatever spooked them to begin with or what might be chasing them they are running figuratively “blind” that’s when you have to worry. But, in survival they have an AMAZING ability to survive!! Our little lady survived many cold nights and travelled many miles all while trying to loop back to us!!!!

    “The sightings… We pieced together her journey approximately for about 3-4 days travelling from Regent Ave. to Mount Pleasant High School and RIC and she established her first travel “loupe” over to a neighborhood right near LaSalle Academy. Our guess from sightings is that she lost her vest (probably chewed it off!) after only about 4 days into her journey. After many sightings and expanding our flyering we got what we did not know would be “the call” from a kind soul in a neighborhood near PC. That was it, we were down there after the snow fall and it was her we knew it we saw her from a distance, we staked out and Sheilah brought her trap to place near Bean’s safe spot and with a trail of tasty goodness (beef and ham) she couldn’t resist!

    “Special thank you’s: My sisters Pamela and Vic. My parents Mom, Dad and Peter. Al. David. My aunts, cousins and uncles! Corinne. Jackie. Betsy. ALL my WaterFire family!!! Kate, Katenna, Michelle (Anne M.), ALL our sighting angels!! Holly and Amanda, Sharon and of course Sheilah!! (I can’t even thank everyone because there were SO many but you know who you are!!! We cannot thank you enough for your efforts and prayers.)

    “After some well deserved rest Bean happily visited the vet this afternoon (thank you North Paws!!) and after a few days of TLC she’s looking like she’ll be back to her healthy happy self.”

  2. Erika @ I {heart} Rhody says:

    So glad to hear Bean made it home safe and sound!

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