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Daily Archives: 04/10/2016

Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Ramming Speed, Teazer, Worst Days, Tuesday — @the Columbus Theatre, Vandaveer, Ian Fitzgerald @AS220, Cocek! Brass Band, Extraordinary Rendition Band @the Met, LE1F, Junglepussy, Ladie Tune, Emmanuelle Guilme @Aurora, Hide, Tinnitus Stimulus, Sects, Gunboy Wednesday — @Psychic Readings, Dumpster Cookies, Amat, Why,

Library Amnesty Week

The Providence Community Library will hold its 2016 Amnesty Week from Monday, April 11, through Saturday, April 16. Return your overdue items . . . bring a can of food for donation . . . no fines and no questions asked! Raffle — When you

Unknown If She Was A Purple Or A Gold

The Mary C. Wheeler School got a shout-out tonight in “Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper.” But as startling as it is hearing one’s alma mater suddenly name checked in an HBO special, it must be said that this was easily the least