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Daily Archives: 06/08/2016

Bread And Circuses In The Statehouse Budget

The Bread? Tax cuts for retirees. This will make them say happy things on the talk radio shows. The Circus? Slash beach fees in half! Get out of town. No really, everybody get out of town, and stop bothering your elected officials with complaints about

Sunflower Project On Riverfront

Nature (and artists) abhor a vacuum. One thing about Providence, any space or surface left empty long enough will soon attract the attention of creative types who will paint it, shape it, build on it, perform on it, and plant it. This time the place

‘Weiner’ At Cable Car

Was there ever going to be another title for this movie? Did anyone ever walk into a production meeting and say “Hey, you know what we should call this movie?” “Weiner,” starting Friday at the Cable Car, is an inside look at this exasperatingly arrogant