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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Bread And Circuses In The Statehouse Budget

The Bread? Tax cuts for retirees. This will make them say happy things on the talk radio shows. The Circus? Slash beach fees in half! Get out of town. No really, everybody get out of town, and stop bothering your elected officials with complaints about

Sunflower Project On Riverfront

Nature (and artists) abhor a vacuum. One thing about Providence, any space or surface left empty long enough will soon attract the attention of creative types who will paint it, shape it, build on it, perform on it, and plant it. This time the place

‘Weiner’ At Cable Car

Was there ever going to be another title for this movie? Did anyone ever walk into a production meeting and say “Hey, you know what we should call this movie?” “Weiner,” starting Friday at the Cable Car, is an inside look at this exasperatingly arrogant

AS220 June Gallery Exhibitions

So much was happening last weekend we didn’t get around to the June Exhibitions in the AS220 Galleries, open now through June 25. New exhibits go up the first Saturday of each month. AS220 Project Space — Stewart Martin/ 4×5 and Historic Photographs Reading Room

‘Clockwork Orange’ MotB

(6.9) Pack up the milk-plus and korova bars. This week’s entry in the Movies on the Block series is Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 dystopian nightmare, “A Clockwork Orange,” with Malcolm McDowell as top droog, Alex. From the NYT, “A Clockwork Orange” is so beautiful to look

New Cart In Town

Tonight, at a PVD Fest event sponsored by Level Exchange to bring together music, brands, and fans, I met sweet co-owners Audrey and Sam of The Nitro Cart. Starting tomorrow, they’ll be on the corner of Westminster and Exchange (in RI speak, “under the Turk’s

RIPDA Fundraiser/Primary Watch — Wild Colonial

(6.7) Warning to you complacent incumbents in the general assembly, the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America (RIPDA) are loaded for bear, aiming straight at your primaries. RIPDA director Sam Bell reports that some excellent candidates — real Democrats — are throwing their hats into

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Sire, Bog of the Infidel, Plagues, Diabolical Fiend Tuesday — @the Met, Catfish and the Bottlemen @AS220, the Strattones, Call Security, Voodoo Cuisine @Aurora, T-Rextasy, Flinstones, Nail Polish, Tiny Diamond Wednesday — @the Met, Diiv, the Paranoyds, Tapestries @Psychic Readings, Astrid, Arvid

Cruise Night At RW Park — Mondays

Head over to the Carousel Classic Car Cruise Night in Roger Williams Park, Mondays through the end of August (excluding June 13 & July 4). Cruise down to Classic Car Night at the Carousel Village for a special all-ages event. Marvel at cars owned and

Teen Falcons Eagerly Await Arcade Stroll

(6.4) This is not a picture by urban wildlife photographer Peter Green of Providence Raptors. His pictures are way better. This is just another one of my screen grabs taken a few moments ago, following a truly gnarly feeding, but it seems important to remind

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, the Felice Brothers, Happiness @PVDFest skating rink stage, Ra Ra Riot, the Heavy, VulGarrity @Dusk, Come to Grief, Witch King, Lunglust, Plagues @the Spot at the Colosseum, the River Provides, Morningside Lane, the Diamondstones, Max Orsini @Firehouse 13, the Living Deads,

RISD Graduate Show

(6.4) Among the many free things to enjoy this weekend is the RISD graduate show at the RI Convention Center. It’s a good year. Channing Gray has a comprehensive write-up in the ProJo, “RISD students show their mind-blowing work in sprawling show.” The show, up

‘One Providence Experience’ At The Ruins

(6.4) This was so much fun last year. As part of the PVDFest the Columbus Collaborative and the Imaginary Company are once again taking over “The Ruins” behind the facade, and filling it with music, beer, food. (Facebook event page.) The lineup is extraordinary with

‘Soak It Up’ At The Drawing Room

Art coasters and a block party! Head over to the Drawing Room Friday evening for ‘Soak it Up.’ This show features small works by about 30 artists, with each work being created on Revival Brewing coasters, official sponsor of the show. (Facebook event.) The goal

‘Sleeper’ — Matthew Bird Leads Discussion

(6.1) I’m really torn about this one. Tonight’s installation in the continuing “Portals: The History of the Future” film series is Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ and at this point I have lost all enthusiasm for Mr. Allen*.  However . . . the Q&A following the movie

PVDFest Starts — Music, Food, Dance, Art

Friday and Saturday are the big days but PVDFest spans four days when live music, dance, food, and visual art installations will take over our public spaces, parks, and outdoor stages in the heart of Providence. Local artists and musicians will be joined by artists