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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Influx 2016 — Public Art Encounters

This lovely rebar bow is ‘Insert Finger’ by Rhode Island artist Jerry Ehrlich one of ten pieces scattered around town as part of Influx 2016. Now in its second year Influx is mounted by The Avenue Concept. The projects of INFLUX feature more than 20

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Tall Tall Trees, the Huntress and Holder of Hands, Alec K. Redfearn Tuesday — @AS220, Dan Patrick Talbot, Big Eater, Ramblin’ Sal, Sianna Plavin @Aurora, Evil Wizardry, Kvlt Ddy, Those Damn Kids Wednesday — @Fête Lounge, Lawrence Trailer, Troy Ramey, Peter Dorrien-Traisci

No Criminal Charges In 38 Studios Case

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin and State Police Col. Steven O’Donnell have announced there will be no criminal charges stemming from their four-year investigation of the 38 Studios video-game debacle. (ProJo 7.30.16) O’Donnell told the crowd of reporters gathered at state police headquarters that 146 people

Another One Bites The Dust — House District 13 Back In Play

It’s like somebody opened a window! Following the determination of the Providence Board of Canvassers that Rep. John Carnevale does not live at the Barbara Street address as claimed, the good people of House District 13 will no longer have to deal with this lying

‘Design The Night’ At RISD Museum

(7.30) Head over to the RISD Museum Saturday for ‘Design the Night,’ a summer evening stroll through the museum — all ages, all free. Join us for a festive summer evening at the Museum. Take a free stroll through the galleries, interact with local artists,

‘Family Fringe’ Day At Riverside Park

(7.30) The Providence Fringe Festival is hosting an afternoon of family fun — Family Fringe — at Riverside Park in Olneyville. I hesitated at first to use this image, worried that the shell of the old Riverside Mills building might seem a little sketchy as

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Divey, Hi-Watts, Xr-Tabs, Mudslinger @Lupo’s, Aurora, Young Lincoln @the Met, Half Hearted Hero, Born Without Bones, Save Ends, Broken Field Runner @Firehouse 13, Short Stories, Just Wingin’ It, Someone You Can X-ray, the Cosmic Factory @Machines With Magnets, Jjaazz, Heidemann, Bellerophon, Julia

New Lovecraft Brew From Gansett

Something wicked-awesome this way comes and it’s the latest installment in the Narragansett Beer Lovecraft series, The White Ship White IPA. (Lovecraft’s, The White Ship, tells a story of a lighthouse keeper’s adventure aboard a mysterious ship where his curiosity and greed win out over his

Food Truck Friday And ‘Motorcycle Diaries’

(7.29) Outdoor movies have come to Roger Williams Park. Make plans for “The Motorcycle Diaries” this Friday at 8pm on the Boathouse Lawn. Set in Latin America, the movie follows an inspiring journey of self-discovery and traces the youthful origins of a revolutionary heart. The rich

‘Hunger Games’ MotB

(7.28) This week’s Movies on the Block is “The Hunger Games.” Stephen Colbert’s ongoing ‘Salute to the Fallen Tributes’ and outlandish convention antics demonstrate the cultural penetration of Hunger Games lore. We know who these characters are by osmosis. Further evidence of their influence may

Convention News — Raging Against The Machine

Following months of preparation, two of Rhode Island’s more progressive politicos — Rep. Aaron Regunberg (D-Providence) and former Rep. David Segal (D-Providence)* — have been taking an active role this week in shaping the future of the Democratic party. Edward Fitzpatrick writes about Regunberg’s efforts

‘Atheist’ Is Not A Slur

We expect this regressive thinking from the Republican party, but for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to still be treating “atheist” as a pejorative term in 2016 is downright depressing. (NYT 7.22.16) This is why atheists need to speak up, use the word casually in

Fringe Festival

(7.30) Those wondering why the music schedule looks so thin this week — blame the Providence Fringe Festival for taking over the venues. Founded in 2014 by The Wilbury Theatre Group, the Fringe Festival is open to anyone who wants to produce their own show. Wilbury

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Jeff Beam, Derek Knox, Thug Honey @Dusk, Sonic Pulse, Epicenter, Chronovore, Thrashole, Xenophile @AS220, Masses, Vats, Feral Rite @News Café, Harvey Garbage, Pleistocene, Stereoflower Tuesday — @News Café, Paul Petit, Bill Zanni Band, Bunktown @AS220, Japanese Breakfast, Littlefoot, Edgar Clinks, Food Court

Pub Quiz

(7.24) According to the Wild Colonial website there will be a Pub Quiz Sunday (it says 8pm). Compete in air conditioned comfort for swell prizes. Categories might include current events, local stuff, Rio Olympics, comic book movies, Russian literature, climate change, 80’s television . .

Governor’s Bay Day

(7.24) Per executive order “Free State Beach Parking, Free Saltwater Fishing, and Free RIPTA Bus Service on Route 66” — Sunday, July 24. Governor’s Bay Day will include free parking at all Rhode Island state beaches, as well as fishing in Rhode Island’s saltwaters without