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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Neutaconkanet Skatepark — And What About Those X Games?

Taking pictures in a skatepark is not easy. Step back and the topography of the place just flattens. Up close you just see the graffiti. And then there are the skaters who just want that weird lady to go away. And action shots? If the

‘No One Ever Pets A Police Car’

So say mounted police officers everywhere. Good thing WPRI had already run their piece on the Providence Mounted Command before all hell broke lose this week. With the horrifying murder of two more black men by out-of-control cops followed by the Dallas sniper — all

WaterFire Salute To Bastille Day

(7.9) Zut alors. Tonight’s WaterFire will honor our alliance with France starting with a special ceremony at the Waterplace Basin Stage when French Consul Valery Freland to Providence will be conveying a knighthood in the Legion of Honor to RI Seaman First Class Ernest Frank

Jack Black Coming to Town

Who doesn’t love this man? “School of Rock” is the best. And “Bernie” needs to be seen by more people — Mr. Black must record a gospel album at some point. And of course, Tenacious D. At any rate, it’s official, Jack Black will soon

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Music Hall, Swans, Okkyung Lee @Waterplace Park, Le Roxy Pro, the Blue Album @the Met, Never Shout Never, Hundred Handed, Me Like Bees, AlgoRhythm @AS220, Broads, Bearchild, Modern Trigger, Willow, Scope & Figure @Aurora, Silverteeth, Icky Woods, Pyramid, Tiny Diamond Saturday —

Burnside Music Series Kicks Off With Boo City

Good choice. Boo City is perfect music for summer in the city. Although, the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy has scheduled a good variety of acts for the Burnside Music Series and Trinity Beer Garden. More at Facebook event. Every Thursday this summer from July 7th to

Progressive Dems Open Headquarters

(7.6) Exciting things are in the works here in Rhode Island. Job One? Fix the General Assembly. This fall, complacent, entrenched incumbents are facing primary challenges from motivated and qualified candidates . . . real Democrats! Much of the credit goes to Sam Bell and

See ‘The Wall’ On A Wall

(7.7) Head down to Grant’s Block Thursday for ‘Pink Floyd: The Wall’ this week’s Movies on the Block entry. This is not a concert film. Roger Ebert’s assessment: The best audience for this film would be one familiar with filmmaking techniques, alert to directorial styles,

Week In Music

Tuesday — @Aurora, Moonwalks, Baylies Band, This Modern Bridge, Valley Reverse @AS220, Bears! Bears! Bears!, the Down and Outs, In The Meantime Wednesday — @AS220, Brainfruit, Afternoon Review, Frank Corr, Mouth Thursday — @the Met, Traverse Town, Littleboybigheadonbike @Aurora, Rampant Decay, Deathface, Wilt, Hussy @Dusk,

Happy Fourth Of July

Today’s reading is from “Sons of Providence: The Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution” by Charles Rappleye (brother of WJAR journalist Bill). At long last , the war with Great Britain had become official. Providence celebrated the final breach with an elaborate

Revival Fest II At Dusk

(7.4) Dusk is the perfect venue for this. Lots of empty space around this building with no neighbors to complain. (And I like in the summer when they drag that old couch outside.) Facebook event. And it’s free! The second annual Revival Festival takes place

Putting Asses In The Seats

Good for show business . . . bad for government. And here in Rhode Island we have too many “asses” and too many seats. The ProJo editorial board makes a good case today for expanding the three-day filing window for public office in Rhode Island,

Revolutionary War Walking Tours (Self-Guided) — North Burial Ground

Stephen Hopkins was Rhode Island’s speaker of the house, chief justice, governor, and our signer of the Declaration of Independence . . . slacker. While many locals have visited the Hopkins House museum on Benefit Street, his final resting place had always been a little

Ferry To Newport Begins Service

A one-way ticket is only $10! This is how you get to Newport with your out-of-town visitors. And there is a bar on board. The ferry was tucked in with the tugs last night as workers put the finishing touches on the “terminal” (a tent