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Daily Archives: 11/06/2016

Prepare For Election Day

(11.8) Figure out how you’re going to vote ahead of time ferchrissakes. You can not start sorting through housing opportunity bonds and port infrastructure bonds right there in the voting booth. Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea is reminding Rhode Island voters to be prepared before

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Floral Print, Beverly Tender, Teddy Farkas Tuesday — @Machines With Magnets, Neutrinos, Prince Daddy and the Hyena, Just Friends, Lame Genie @Aurora, Tame, AF the Naysayer, Kris Fame, Creamer, Rosé Petal Wednesday — @Aurora, the Quahogs, Midriffs @Dusk, Cancerslug, DNR, Sex Orgy,