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One thought on “Crimetown”

  1. John McGrath says:

    I dated a Mafia princess in high school. Offered a “legit” job with the father. Also offered a ‘legit” CEO job (after they funded Columbia Law School) by another Mob character. No way Thoroughly evil with a peculiar moral sense foreign to US thinking but in accord with some ancient theological strains. They (the old guard) saw themselves as appointed by God as agents of Satan, whose job is to test the virtue of people. If you join them/get in their clutches in any way then you are accepting Satan and no amount of punishment is too much for you, in this world and in the next. If you don’t accept their invites you might just be virtuous, or not, but not stupid. My aunt had a an opportunity to open a place to rival Elaine’s (her customers assured their patronage AND financial backing). But when she learned she had to “borrow” half the capital needed from the Mafia (of course they handed over no money, you just paid the money “back”) she dropped the while enterprise, even though it was fully backed financially. She already ran a business they could not touch, and she had a mafia don as a neighbor, so she knew: Stay away. These bozos were not glamorous Just very dark and evil. But suburbanite kids wanted a thrill from identifying with these “bad boys” so that’s what pop culture got.

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