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No Tax Dollars For Stadium

One thought on “No Tax Dollars For Stadium”

  1. John McGrath says:

    A fen is a boggy. water logged squishy area near a river or stream. There is a stream in the Fenway which extends far beyond the Fenway area.

    Providence was ready to waste a precious bit of real estate, once targeted as a park and tech industry area. In other words they wanted to create an economic desert where new businesses would thrive because of the amenities popular with techies: the park, ability to walk across the bridge to clubs and restaurants, the ability to walk home (there would be new pat buildings). Some big tech names have already committed to locating major facilities in the area now that the Providence stadium deal has fallen apart. No public money for this new nonsense. The problem is that RI politicos think they can make themselves bask in the popularity of the Red Sox by wasting money in this way. They do NOT get it.

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