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Brown University Eyes Angell Street For Demolition

2 thoughts on “Brown University Eyes Angell Street For Demolition”

  1. Beth Comery says:

    But this was their calculation all along.Those conditions were cultivated by the landlord (Brown) for precisely this reason. What better way to get the support of the abutters than to create loud, ramshackle party-houses that disturb the peace and lower property values. That shouldn’t be the choice. As responsible property owners, Brown should have maintained the houses all along.

  2. Let's not kid ourselves says:

    “stripped Brooks Street of its architectural character”

    You mean the four dilapidated, fire-trap three-deckers which were a major focus of off-campus partying; sometimes hundreds of people at a time? The peeling paint, empty beer cans, and crushed solo cups really gave the neighborhood character.

    You make it sound like they bulldozed the Louvre.

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