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RISD Human Rover Team Makes The Podium!

One thought on “RISD Human Rover Team Makes The Podium!”

  1. JerryWhalen says:

    Congratulations is the first order of business for this email. I watched the Rover in action several weeks ago and I am greatly impressed with the ingenuity and determination of the project. I have been a stalwart fan of space science forever though I lack engineering and scientific experience. Basically I am an armchair theorist. When I saw the Rover in action I thought that an additional feature might of use. If an independent ball and socket array of levers and gears (like a ten speed bike) were add to the frame work, gripping and grappling features could be insinuated above the transport chassis. They could be accessed independently to secure traction over the front and sides of the vehicle (and/or reverse gearing). I just had to put in my two cents. Think about it then relegate it to the proper repository for better or worse. Best wishes for you present and future endeavors. Jerry W.

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