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Daily Archives: 04/23/2017

Week In Music

Monday — @AS220, RIPS, Midriffs, Atlantic Thrills Tuesday — @Firehouse 13, Daikaiju, Moto, Hot Tramps @the Met, Morning Silk, Bochek, Holland Road, Jodie Road @AS220, Stocksmile, Hemlocks, Zero Holds @Alchemy, Mallrat, Beverly Tender, Ruune, Fading Not Receding Wednesday — @Dusk, Throw the Goat, HEXXUS, KUYA,

Happy Birthday Will

You want swagger? William Shakespeare invented the word. And if you woke up this morning bloodstained and puking you have Shakespeare to thank for that as well.  (Go here for a glossary of words coined by WS.) April 23rd is generally accepted as the date