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Daily Archives: 05/11/2017

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, Beach Slang, Alcoa, Notches, Twin Foxes @AS220, Alex Napping, Edgar Clinks, Leiko, Lookers @Nick-A-Nee’s, Biscuit City @Alchemy, Dopey Lopes Band, Vertical Twin, We Own Land @Aurora, Home Body, Bellerophon, the Sonic Transfer Machines @Fête Ballroom, Lany, Goody Grace @Fête Lounge, Parsonsfield,

Peregrine Eggs Have Hatched

Feeding time! Three of the five eggs have just hatched and the parents are busy getting food and keeping the nestlings warm and cozy. It is a compelling scene: On the one hand you have the adorable fluffy white chicks falling about; while on the