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Saturday At Abe’s: Fundraiser For David

David Segal is running a grassroots campaign for Congress. Let’s help send a longtime progressive champion to Washington, DC! This is a fundraiser/get-together at Abe’s, a sweet bar on Wickenden Street. There will be food, and potentially music. Whether you are in the neighborhood for

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Fossil Hunters Hit Paydirt in Attleboro

Hey there paleophiles! Did you know that North Attleboro is apparantly the home of some nifty dino deposits? Tufts University scientists didn’t, until they read a “long-forgotten” Brown Masters Thesis from 1929 which alluded to some potential Flinstonian finds in the land of Emerald Square

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Almost makes you want to have brain surgery

Banjo player Eddie Adcock recently had brain surgery where surgeons installed deep brain stimulator electrodes to control a tremor in his right hand. Patients are sometimes kept awake during brain surgery to interact with the surgeon and help guide the procedure. In Adcock’s case, he

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Debate Tips 4 McCain

Slightly more seriously than the above video, George Stephanopoulous sez that McCain has some potential “long balls.” And no that does not refer to the effects of gravity over three quarters of a century: The McCain campaign is looking for something dramatic he can do

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Heroes, Gossip Girl boppers make silly election vids

See more Hayden Panettiere videos at Funny or Die Yup, that’s Heroes Co-Star Hayden Panatierre (sp.?) being all pottymouthed. Perhaps even more hilarious is this ad which is actually going on TV, I think, starring some of the kids from Gossip Girl, which I am

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My fellow prisoners?

So, when McCain refers to Americans as “my fellow prisoners,” is it: a) a flashback, possibly drug or senility induced, to his actual days of being a prisoner, or b) a reference, albeit an oblique one, to his outmoded economic views, inasmuch as he sees

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Mo mammals? No. Mo problems? Yes.

Indeed, the problem appears to be fewer mammals. All of your cute n cuddly favorites, from the super intelligent dolphins, to bulky, lovable whales, to apes and cats and hyraxes are dying off in a horrible evolutionary cataclysm, termed an “extinction crisis” by the International

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Get Mavericky

SNL’s take on the VP Debate was arguably better than the real thing. Not only does Tina Fey’s Palin get better and better, but I’m shocked that the writers could get this much mileage out of Biden. Also, Queen Latifah. Nuff said.

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My favorite political blog does a rundown of RI

Ooh this is neat! My favorite political blog,, so named because of the number of electoral votes, is doing a running breakdown of all of the states, and is graciously including states like Rhode Island where Obama literally cannot lose unless he performs a