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viola davis

Local Woman Wins Emmy

Well this is very cool. Viola Davis, star of “How to Get Away with Murder,” will be going home with a statue as well. And home is Rhode Island . . .  she said so in this Providence Journal interview. Davis, who still has family

richard jenkins

Local Man Wins Emmy

Rhode Island resident, and Trinity alum, Richard Jenkins has won the Emmy for his performance in “Olive Kitteridge” (some moments, but kind of a slog, so naturally it’s running the table). Explaining why he lives in where he lives to Rhode Island Monthly last year.

skyline victory

Riverfront Stadium Plans — Scrapped!

Ding dong, the deal is dead. If ever there was a time for exclamation points in the header this is it! Negotiations are over. Kate Bramson of the Providence Journal finally tweeted a few moments ago, The Pawtucket Red Sox today said that Rhode island

david lamb

‘David Lamb’ By Reason

The new exhibit above the tables at Julian’s on Broadway features images of Christopher Walken, Larry David, Robin Williams, and . . . David Lamb. Startled at first, I soon found that Dave’s exuberant, beardy visage made me happy and not sad at all. (Results

central park

Fox Point & Jewelry District Weigh In On Stadium

With a great big “NO!” John Rousseau, executive secretary of the Fox Point Neighborhood Association (FPNA), appeared recently with the RIPDA state coordinator Sam Bell* on Dan Yorke State of Mind. Bell also heads the ‘Stop the Stadium Group’ and the topic was of course


Full WaterFire

(9.12) This week’s WaterFire is sponsored by the people who brought you retainers, headgear, and palate expanders — yes, say aaaah to your friendly neighborhood orthodontists.  And “thank you,” because as humiliating as those adolescent tortures felt at the time, thank god my parents got

Carmen & Ginger

Vintage Bridal Bonanza — Providence Flea

(9.13) This goes way beyond bridal. Carmen & Ginger proprietor Christine Francis will be selling a unique collection of never-worn brides and bridesmaids dresses from the 40’s and 50’s at the Providence Flea this Sunday. Creative types found off the beaten bridal path — apparel

valerie tutson

Storycorps At Mt. Pleasant Library

(9.9) This woman has great energy . . . and multiple personalities (see picture). The Providence Community Library (PCL) invites you to StoryCorps with Valerie Tutson of the Rhode Island Black Storytellers. It’s Storycorps – but with a twist! Valerie Tutson of Rhode Island Black

slater mill

Chambray Shirts — Blue Collars On The Red Carpet

An article in The New York Times illuminates the working class roots of the current fashion must-have, the chambray shirt. Turns out chambray in America has a local provenance. The early history of chambray ­stretches to the French town of Cambrai and a dense linen,

brown sops

Out In Left Field

A swing and a miss! “The PawSox is an issue that’s just not ready, and it may never be ready to be addressed. I don’t know if the ballpark is going to happen or not.” House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello seems to be losing confidence in

gulls postcard

Postcards By Alec Thibodeau

Some people have more talent than seems fair. Artist, musician, actor Alec Thibodeau is just such a person. When not witching it up in Macbeth over at Gamm, or making music with brother Joel as one-half of String Builder, he is creating gorgeous screen-printed posters

Parcel 4

Parcel 4 Party

(8.31) The various groups and individuals fighting the stadium boondoggle are getting together for one last summer celebration of the parcel set aside for use as a public park by the 195 Commission. Go to the “Act like you own the place!” Facebook page for


‘The End Of The Tour’ At Avon Cinema

I can’t remember when I’ve been so affected by a movie. “The End of the Tour” is one of those movies you keep going back to in your mind. The tagline sums it up, “Imagine the greatest conversation you’ve ever had.” This will definitely be

BOE poster

Buckley Vs. Vidal At The Cable Car

(9.3) As the 1968 summer convention season approached the perennially third-place ABC News decided to try something completely different. The other two networks ran gavel-to-gavel coverage of the conventions which were not the predetermined coronations they are today; there was actually suspense with the outcome

Offshore Magazine * Providence from the Water

2nd Annual Paddle Battle

(8.30) “Like surfing, only easier.” So goes the unofficial tagline of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). This is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the country, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t hurt when you fall down. (Although I’m sure I could


‘Badlands’ MotB

(8.27) The idea of shooting people one at a time seems positively quaint in these rush-rush high-capacity times. Kit and Holly never seem to be in much of a hurry, and in spite of their leisurely pace, they still manage to kill ten people. “Badlands,”