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arcade lofts

Inside The Arcade Micro Lofts

Developers take note: If you want 100% occupancy, try moderately priced loft spaces instead of those overpriced “luxury” towers. The ProJo’s Bill Van Siclen takes a look inside the life of one Arcade resident and the set-up looks pretty sweet. The Arcade director discusses why


Citizenfour Starts Friday At Cable Car

Whether you’re fer or agin whistleblower Edward Snowden, the documentary “Citizenfour” should be of interest. I’m fer. I am glad that the trampling of our civil liberties by the NSA came to light when it did. The government claims that sensitive information on foreign surveillance


Dylan In Town Saturday

I refuse to spend this much going to live music ever, and I’m not starting with Bob Dylan. (Kind of sorry I missed that Beck show though.) So this is more like a public service announcement — at the time of this writing, there are still


Happy 90th Birthday To Benny’s

If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. Who doesn’t love Benny’s? The Bromberg family still runs this now 32-store chain which opened it’s first shop downtown in 1933. From today’s ProJo, Benjamin Bromberg was a self-made man, said Arnold Bromberg, Benny’s co-owner and

cups:ehren tool

‘Peace Is The Only Adequate War Memorial’

(11.11) Meet ceramist and Gulf War veteran Ehren Tool, a U.S. Marine from 1990 to 1994 and currently in the Ceramic Department at UC Berkeley. This is from his artist statement at The National Veterans Art Museum. Peace is the only adequate war memorial. All

Augustine and Eliza

Magic Lantern At Cable Car

(11.11) Magic Lantern Cinema presents “Hysterics and Mentalists,” two 3-D films by Zoe Beloff. “Shadowland, or Light from the Other Side” is 32 minutes long and “Charming Augustine” is 40 minutes. Both are 16mm stereoscopic film projections shot in B&W with sound. Director Beloff will

orly genger

Public Art On Prospect Street

An site-specific art installation is growing on Brown’s front green along Prospect Street. It looks like snow fencing from a distance — and it may well function as such, we’ll see — but artist Orly Genger (B.A. Brown, 2001) is in the process of stacking

HP Lovecraft

George R. R. Martin Visits Swan Point

A pilgrimage to the Lovecraft grave of course. “Game of Thrones” fans may want to check out a profile of the author in the latest New York magazine (read at Vulture). The improbably named Jennifer Vineyard followed him around for a few days starting in


Regulate RI Prepares Push For Marijuana Legalization

Advocates for the repeal of marijuana prohibition will be back in the 2015 session of the General Assembly in support of legislation that would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. Locally this effort is being organized by the excellent people over at Regulate Rhode Island,


Artist Talk At Granoff

(11.5) How nice it is to finally change the topic and cleanse the mental palate. Head over to Granoff for an artist talk by Candice Breitz presented in conjunction with “She: Picturing women at the turn of 21st century.” Born in Johannesburg and based in


Harrop To Vote For Elorza — And You Should Too

The stakes have never been higher.  We have compiled some last minute talking points for convincing drunk uncle and dopey grandma who still can’t believe Buddy came to the wake that time and he was so nice. ~Cianci has been actively currying favor with Muslim


Mitchell Mounts Credible Write-In Campaign In Ward 3

[UPDATE: Mitchell ahead by 22 votes! Still unofficial but the Providence Journal reports that Marcus Mitchell may just have pulled this off! BC] When lawn signs start appearing for a write-in campaign, something is up. Marcus Mitchell, founding president of the Providence Community Library, is

no evil

Halloween Early Vote Costume Parade At Columbus

(10.31) The gang over at the Columbus Theatre is throwing a parade — an early vote costume parade!  From the Facebook event page. hey, wanna vote? if you’re a citizen of Providence, you can vote early at City Hall! that’s cool! we’re having a little