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Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch At MWM Friday

No-wave, post-punk musician and avant garde spoken word artist Lydia Lunch will perform Horribly True Confessions, a text based multimedia performance with Weasel Walter on live drums, this Friday at Machines With Magnets. HORRIBLY TRUE CONFESSIONS combines the dynamic spoken word histrionics of Lydia Lunch,

'Miss Rheingold 1949' oil_on_canvas

Must-See Show At ArtProv Gallery

Do not miss Fresh Paint, the current exhibition up at ArtProv Gallery in the Jewelry District. Gallery directors have curated an eclectic group of artists most of whom work in fresh paint but also wood, and wire: Mary Jane Andreozzi, Judy Araujo Volkmann, Alecia Barry

eastern wild turkey

Eastern Wild Turkey

This shot was taken this month by ‘Mericans frontman Chris Daltry at his home just north of the city. A sizable population of turkeys has been terrorizing the Daltry cats for some years now. This one was flapping out of a tree where it had

what cheer records

Record Store Day

(11.28) Head over to What Cheer Records and Vintage from 10am to 8pm on Friday, November 28, for some great deals. For this one day only, all New Stuff will be 10% of (except for Record Store Day limited edition releases) and Used Stuff will

Cut/Throat Creativity

Cut/Throat Creativity At Granoff

(11.25) Two panels, two days. Monday at 6pm: Cut/Throat Creativity, Structuring the New. With Rashida Bumbray, Simone Leigh, Doug Jones, Lauren Wittels. Tuesday at 5pm: Glenn Ligon in conversation with Huey Copeland. The conference will examine what constitutes innovative works and how cultural identity and

AG's Office Building

Spidey Cashes In

It’s never good news when The New York Times covers a Rhode Island official. This week it’s former attorney general, Patrick Lynch, in the spotlight with his thinly veiled lobbying efforts on behalf of Caesars Entertainment, as well as payday lenders and Monsanto. Jeez, there’s

ghost brothers

‘Ghost Brothers’ At The Vets

(11.22) How to describe “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County”? The names behind the project suggest that this is a different sort of musical: Stephen King, John Mellencamp, and T Bone Burnett. Andy Smith of the Providence Journal spoke with one of the stars, Gina Gershon,

the vault collective

New ‘Guide To Providence Vintage’

Providence is becoming a vintage mecca and they are getting organized. The new comprehensive ‘Guide to Providence Vintage’ will help you, your out-of-town guests, and returning college students, make sense of the burgeoning scene. There are 16 participating shops concentrated in three neighborhoods, including: downtown

Regulate RI

Regulating Marijuana in RI — Forum At Brown

[Front page coverage in the ProJo! Remember to vote in their poll. And congratulations to Jared Moffat for organizing such an informative and well-run event — even the sound worked! The range of speakers with their unique perspectives illuminated both the problem and the solution.

arcade lofts

Inside The Arcade Micro Lofts

Developers take note: If you want 100% occupancy, try moderately priced loft spaces instead of those overpriced “luxury” towers. The ProJo’s Bill Van Siclen takes a look inside the life of one Arcade resident and the set-up looks pretty sweet. The Arcade director discusses why

art hack day

‘Art Hack Day’ Closing Exhibition And Party

(11.15) This might be like a happening . . . or an interactive new media performance, or . . . we don’t know what this is. Starting Thursday forty artists and hackers have inhabited RISD Exposé Gallery + Eship to explore the idea of MASTER


Citizenfour At Cable Car

Whether you’re fer or agin whistleblower Edward Snowden, the documentary “Citizenfour” should be of interest. I’m fer. I am glad that the trampling of our civil liberties by the NSA came to light when it did. The government claims that sensitive information on foreign surveillance


Dylan In Town

(11.15) I refuse to spend this much going to live music ever, and I’m not starting with Bob Dylan. (Kind of sorry I missed that Beck show though.) So this is more like a public service announcement — at the time of this writing, there are


Happy 90th Birthday To Benny’s

If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. Who doesn’t love Benny’s? The Bromberg family still runs this now 32-store chain which opened it’s first shop downtown in 1933. From today’s ProJo, Benjamin Bromberg was a self-made man, said Arnold Bromberg, Benny’s co-owner and

cups:ehren tool

‘Peace Is The Only Adequate War Memorial’

(11.11) Meet ceramist and Gulf War veteran Ehren Tool, a U.S. Marine from 1990 to 1994 and currently in the Ceramic Department at UC Berkeley. This is from his artist statement at The National Veterans Art Museum. Peace is the only adequate war memorial. All