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"Complexity 2014"

It’s A Complex Weave At Granoff

Upon entering the ‘Complexity 2014′ exhibit at Brown you will see a small sign saying ‘Do not touch.’ It should be much, much bigger. I could have used an invisible dog fence or a personal minder slapping my hand away as it floated unbidden towards

credit: jodie goodnough

‘The Lost Museum’ At Brown

A curious installation over at Brown University reifies the collection of a forgotten naturalist. A group of students, professors, and artists calling themselves “The Jenks Society for Lost Museums” has spent the past year researching the Jenks Museum, re-collecting scattered relics and remnants, and transforming


Girls Rock! Fundraiser At Flatbread

(7.29) Head over to Flatbread off of Thayer Street, eat good food, hear some exciting new music, and help raise money for Girls Rock! Rhode Island. Join us for a post-camp pizza party to support Girls Rock! Rhode Island! Bring your family and friends, eat

foo fest

Foo Fest Volunteers Needed

Foo Fest organizers still need volunteers. Meet new interesting people and get in free. Go here for the Foo Fest 2014 Volunteer form. (Particular need for shifts after 7pm.) The music lineup as it stands now includes: Headliners Psychic TV, Alec K. Redfearn and the


NYT Calls For Repeal Of Marijuana Prohibition

Comparing marijuana prohibition to the likewise failed noble experiment of alcohol prohibition, the editorial board of The New York Times has called for the federal government to repeal its ban on marijuana — “Repeal Prohibition, Again.” It took 13 years for the United States to

ada books

Writers’ Event At Ada

(7.27) Join poets Penelope Pelizzon and Jonathan Farmer for a talk and discussion about poetry as a social art form. Poetry is, in its own lonely way, a social art form–one that carries with it our freighted awareness of people other than ourselves. We go

old stone bank

No Place Like Dome

Talk about thinking outside the box. Imagine waking up to this every morning. According to the ProJo, Entrepreneur, historical preservationist and government official Dr. Barrett W. Bready proposes to rehabilitate the iconic Old Stone Bank building on South Main Street — renowned for its green

RI State House

Free Hep C Testing At WaterFire Saturday

Locals have long viewed state politicians with a jaundiced eye. Starting this Saturday the State House itself will reflect that sickly hue, not as political commentary, but to raise awareness of hepatitis C, the “silent epidemic.” It has been estimated that 75% of those infected


ProJo Sold — Be Afraid

My dreams of a benevolent, progressive billionaire riding in on a white Prius have been dashed. A. H. Belo has agreed to sell the Providence Journal and its production facility, for $46 million in cash, to New Media Investment Group Inc., the parent company of

John Reilly and Friends (crop)

John Reilly And Friends At Columbus

Peter Glantz will be hosting a unique evening of music featuring actor John C. Reilly, Becky Stark, and Tom Brosseau. Ms. Stark, the voice of the band Lavender Diamond, also performs with the Living Sisters, and joined the Decemberists on their album”Hazards of Love” to

Electric Six

What Would Roger Do? Electric Six At Fête

You mention Roger Williams — you get a special post. If you’ve never caught the unique stylings of Dick Valentine, head over to Fête tonight for the Electric Six show. Known for “Danger! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar” these Detroit rockers have a deep catalog

prov, ri

PPS Talk/Walk Series Starts

(7.24) The popular “Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk” summer tours, presented by the Providence Preservation Society, kick off this Thursday in Grace Church Cemetery on Broad Street. Join us in South Providence as we visit Grace Church Cemetery. Established in 1834 by the Episcopal


Gano Park Boat Launch

Get used to the sight of boat trailers cruising through Fox Point — the first public boat ramp in the city opened Monday. The new Gano Park Boat Launch has parking for vehicles with trailers as well as easy access for the canoes and kayaks.

PVD Putt

PVD Putt Putt At Dexter Field

The Phoenix sent its senior golf correspondent, Zach Green, to report on the grand opening of the new, temporary, mini-golf installation at Dexter Field, aka the Armory Parade Grounds — “At PVD Putt Putt: Chicken Wire, See-Saws, and Dragon-Birds.” Kudos to designer, and RISD grad,


Senate Dems Seek To Reclassify Broadband As Utility

And save Net Neutrality! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently considering a proposal that could allow broadband providers to charge websites, applications, and services more for faster delivery times to consumers. This would only benefit the ISP’s like Cox, AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast and


‘Night Of The Living Dead’ At Black Box

(7.15) See George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” as it was meant to be seen — in a black box.  Much like a generation-skipping trust, this 1968 horror classic “Pits the dead against the living in a struggle for survival!” Starring Duane Jones and