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Caramel deLite

Girl Scout Cookies At Columbus Theatre

(3.15) Need a fix? Apartment dwellers tend to be an under-served demographic vis-à-vis Girl Scout Cookies. Of course young girls probably shouldn’t be wandering around strange hallways knocking on doors. That’s if they could even get into the building — nobody’s doorbell seems to work

unicorn stampede

Unicorn Stampede At Library

First vampires . . . and now unicorns? Doesn’t it say something in the Dose mission statement about “keeping the lame off?” And yet, that vampire movie is awesome and the glittery unicorn installation is actually kind of perty. Head into the Empire Street entrance

carpenter street

Play Chess At 186 Carpenter

(3.10) Go outside and play! You may not have noticed, but your meteorological ankle bracelets have fallen away in the 45° sunshine. You are once again free to leave the house. Plus, the sun doesn’t set tonight until 6:46pm. Don’t wait for the weekend —

shepard company sign

Set Your Clocks Forward One Hour

According to the NIST daylight saving time begins at 2am, Sunday, March 8th. Arizona’s still being a dick about it. DST was formally introduced in the United States in 1918. Today, most of the country and its territories observe DST. However, DST is not observed


AS220 March Galleries

The AS220 Galleries are highlighting ceramic works by local, national and international artists this month, in anticipation of the upcoming NCECA 49th annual conference taking place here in town from March 25 to 28. Seen here is ‘Boots’ by Theodor Kropf a ceramist whose recent

st vincent

St. Vincent At Lupo’s Sunday

Guitarist/singer-songwriter Annie Clark, who performs and records as St. Vincent, will be performing this Sunday at Lupo’s. This gal puts on a show. She’s really ramped up the energy of the music in recent albums and she’s just plain fun to look at. Not only

jemaine clement

No . . . More . . . Vampire Movies!

Okay maybe just this last one. But then absolutely no more. Anthony Lane writes in The New Yorker that he too had misgivings going in, but “It was with both joy and mystification, therefore, that I found myself cackling at What We Do in the

chris blazejewski

Blazejewski Reception At Circe

(3.4) Hands down the best looking guy in the general assembly — there, I said it.  But here’s the kicker, he’s also smart and honest and compassionate, and did I mention smart? So even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in District 2 you

on virtues

Senator Whitehouse — Our (One) Congressional Mensch

Yes, you can be judged by the company you keep. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will join more than two dozen members of the democratic congressional delegation in not attending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress today. Unfortunately the other three members of the Rhode

faculty biennial

RISD Faculty Biennial

Faculty art exhibitions are by nature an eclectic and random array. After all, if the organizing principle of a show is “these people all work here,” larger themes are unlikely to emerge. I like Bill Van Siclen’s take (ProJo 2.26). And then there are exhibits

CBS News

When Malcolm X Came To Brown

Remarkable piece on CBS News tonight. Senior Malcolm Burnley tells of a forgotten episode of black history that occurred right here at Brown University in “Inquisitive student finds some living history linked to Malcolm X.” As improbable as it seems Malcolm X once came to

air guitar nation

‘Asian Fury’ Colloquium At Brown

(2.25) Sydney Hutchinson, assistant professor of ethnomusicology at Syracuse University, will be hosting ‘Asian Fury: A tale of race, rock, and air guitar’ as part of Brown’s graduate program colloquium series. Attending to race has become essential in ethnomusicology at least since publication of Music


Providence Sports Stadium? We Can’t Afford It

Just slow the f*#k down everybody!!! This is a big decision and requires some calm reflection. The new PawSox owners have announced that they will be moving the team out of Pawtucket and are eying the newly opened up I-195 land on Dyer Street, right

RI Plate

Back To The Drawing Board

Please. I hope it’s not to late to rethink the design of this new specialty plate (cropped here for formatting). Instead of telling the world that we are the “Creative Capital” why don’t we try showing it. The ProJo reports today — “Wear your heart