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nceca biennial

Ceramics At Bell Gallery

The 2015 NCECA Biennial, an exhibition of contemporary ceramics, opens Saturday at the Bell Gallery and runs through March 29th. There’s some wild looking stuff here. The 2015 NCECA Biennial is an international juried ceramics exhibition organized by the National Council on Education for the

haffenreffer museum

The Haffenreffer ‘Fun Size’ Museum

What could a tribal leader in Cameroon have in common with the chancellor of an Ivy League university? The two exhibitions at the Haffenreffer Museum help illustrate how leaders of all types around the world use symbols, images, and regalia to impart and bolster their

kennedy plaza

Renovated Kennedy Plaza — Good Job People

This totally works. The newly renovated and redesigned Kennedy Plaza looks like a winner. Some bus stops have been relocated to the other side of Burnside Park and Exchange Street, and car traffic on Fulton Street is now two-way. The central plaza area creates a

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Finds Conservative Support

On February 26th the FCC will either vote to preserve Net Neutrality, or pave the way for Comcast and other ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, Cox, Time Warner Cable) to create Internet slow lanes. The encouraging news is that many Congressional Republicans are getting schooled by their

Lovecraft Honey Ale

Made On Horror — Sold On Merit

More genius marketing, and a great label, from Narragansett Brewery. This time it’s Lovecraft Honey Ale an homage to Providence’s hometown horror fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft, and the first draft of Narragansett’s Lovecraft Series. Crafted in collaboration with Revival Brewing Company — it was released

weekend update

They Said Rhode Island On SNL!

We’re ‘Number One’ and it has not gone unnoticed. Last night’s ‘Weekend Update’ poked a little fun at the recently released survey on marijuana usage. Might as well embrace this whole thing because it seems to indicate that everyone in Rhode Island who wants to

isle brew guild

Contract Brewer On Tap For Kinsley Street

Attention homebrewers, time to put your money where your mouth is. Those with dreams of taking their recipe to market can start designing that label. Isle Brewers Guild is finalizing the purchase of an old warehouse at 498 Kinsley Street for a proposed brew-by-contract operation.


You Can Not Insult The Faith Of Others?

Just watch me. Speaking to the press as he arrived in the Philippines, Pope Francis shared his take on the recent events in Paris, “You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.” In the


Guide To The State House DINOs

Blue is the new Red. Those trying to suss out the reconfigured cast of characters in the new general assembly and the extreme conservative ideology of its democratic leadership should read “Rhode Island Republicans join State House machine” (ProJo 1.14.15) by Sam Bell, state coordinator

ben mondor

Save The PawSox

Local sports fans who did not go into full cardiac arrest yesterday may be reaching for the nitroglycerin once again this morning. Details are thin on the ground but rumors are swirling that the PawSox are to be sold to members of the Boston Red

risd museum

Freebie For RI Artists And Designers

A special offer from the RISD Museum for artists and designers who are Rhode Island residents in 2015. There has always been a discounted rate for artists and designers, but check it out. Free during 2015 for artists and designers who are RI residents, thanks


Marijuana Regulation In Rhode Island

The Providence Journal editorial board has come out against Rhode Island’s proposed marijuana regulation legislation — “Put pot on hold” — again illustrating the piece with that skeevy-looking guy with the dirty fingernails (sorry whoever you are). The ProJo board joins legalization advocates everywhere* in


Raimondo Getting National Attention

Rhody democrats are a different breed. Our de facto one-party system has an embedded “right wing” and national political analysts often don’t quite grasp the situation. Conservative ideas and initiatives often find significant support here (see: Voter ID). It’s just that we just look so


For 2015 . . .

1) Is Gordon Fox going to be charged with something? The raid by federal and state authorities happened last March. This stunning event was immediately followed by a complete reshuffling of the House deck. The new speaker, Nicholas A. Mattiello, was first elected to represent


Nothing To It

This shot of a harbor seal frolicking his ass off comes courtesy of urban wildlife photographer Peter Green who explains, “It was low tide so a rock was exposed for him to balance on briefly.” (So either Jesus is totally busted or we have a

Better Call Saul

New Year’s Resolution? Watch More TV

Lots of opportunities for making yourself happy in the new year. The most anticipated new show on the horizon has got to be Better Call Saul. February 8: Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk on AMC. This Breaking Bad spinoff is actually a prequel. None