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bodies of water

Night Visions #3 At Grant’s Block Wednesday

Head down to Grant’s Block Wednesday for PITCH, an evening of performance and experimental film presented by AS220′s NightVision Series. PITCH features new works by Planchette, Magical Approach — Ken Linehand and Brittany Gravely, and Glenna Van Nostrand and Willa Van Nostrand will debut their

hollow tree

Epic Pope Fail

[Our senior 'Circles of Hell' correspondent is on vacation. I will try to handle some recent inquiries.] 1) What sort of person understands that it is wrong to throw litter on the ground but then stuffs it into the hollow of a tree? Do they

beaver tail

URI Shark Doc On PBS

Oh for an all-cartilage skeleton.  Life would be so easy. Tonight on PBS will be airing the URI documentary “Sharks: The Demon Fish?” I suspect their bad reputation will be somewhat rehabilitated by the end. The program, “Sharks: The Demon Fish?” examines how URI faculty

History of PPD

History of The PPD Exhibit At City Hall

Look at that face. Check out the new exhibit — “Protecting Providence: Three Centuries of Policing in Rhode Island’s Capital City” — Providence City Hall, second floor. Great old photos, documents, and artifacts like old handcuffs and billy clubs. Lots of fun gangster names and

poisoners handbooke

Prohibition Does Not Work

Fans of forensic police procedurals (and chemistry, and history, and true crime) should check out the PBS show, “The Poisoner’s Handbook,” based on the book of the same name. Case by case we learn how New York City’s first scientifically trained medical examiner and his


Lovecraft At Central Congo — Reading And Slideshow

(8.20) Celebrate the 124th birthday of author Howard Phillips Lovecraft with a double-bill of Lovecraftian entertainment. First, experience a journey into madness as H.P. Lovecraft’s horrific masterpiece, “The Call of Cthulhu” comes to life in this twisted one-man performance from storyteller David Neilsen. Discover a


Happy Birthday HP Lovecraft

On this day in 1890 horror fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft was born in his family home on Angell Street in Providence. Since his death at the age of 46, his work has been spun into countless movies, and inspired generations of writers, artists, and musicians.

state house

Say ‘No’ To Con Con

It always sounds like such a good idea. On election day in November, Rhode Island voters will be asked if they want to hold a Constitutional Convention in 2015. Dr. Pablo Rodriquez, former medical director for Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island and one of the

Mikado Protest

Time To Retire “The Mikado”?

I will never ever see Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta “The Mikado.” My reasons however have more to do with mental health than cultural politics, in that I once shared a small apartment with a man who was learning, and diligently rehearsing for, the lead role

Wonder Show polar bear

Arctic Theatre Royal — Burnside Park

(8.19) The Wonder Show presents an evening of spectacle, The Arctic Theatre Royal, a magic lantern show featuring images and text sourced from the Providence Athenaeum’s Special Collections. Original moving panorama and lantern slides with views of sublime, yet awful grandeur. Don’t miss this special

Rise of the Warrior Cop

Bad Police Work

“Once a town gets a SWAT Team, you want to use it.” Radley Balko — who writes on criminal justice, the drug war, and civil liberties for The Washington Post — was speaking to Slate about his recent book “The Rise of the Warrior Cop:

steel yard

10th Anniversary For Steel Yard

(8.15) And what is the correct gift for the 10th? Tin, and also Aluminum . . . or some cool molten melty alloy of same. Head over to the Steel Yard Friday for an anniversary celebration of this unique and wonderful Providence institution. Join the

Annie Hall

Movies On The Block — Annie Hall

(8.14) Starring Christopher Walken. The New York Times review made note of the excellent cast. Annie Hall contains more fine supporting performances than any other American film this year . . . Most prominent are Paul Simon as a recording industry promoter, Carol Kane as

drying room

Marijuana Roundup — Oaksterdam Comes To Town

(8.17) Citing the latest statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the Washington Post reported last week, “Forget Colorado or Washington — tiny Rhode Island is the marijuana capital of the United States, at least as measured by the percent of state residents