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Brown Mayoral Debate Sold Out

There may still be tickets available in the overflow area (?) for Wednesday’s mayoral debate at Brown, but the large auditorium of Salomon Center has been sold out. This could be interesting. In the meantime, go to RI Future and check out “Former attorneys general


Elorza Fundraiser At Jacky’s

(10.14) Channel your rage by getting Jorge Elorza elected Mayor of Providence! Head down to Jacky’s tonight for a fundraiser aimed at all income levels. Be a host for $100, a supporter for $50, or make an individual donation of $25. OR — pay your


‘What Nerve’ At The RISD Museum

Don’t forget, no admission on Sundays. Up now through January 4th is “What Nerve: Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present” which . . . proposes an alternate history of figurative painting, sculpture, and vernacular image-making from 1960 to the present that has

columbus statue

Columbus Day — Go Bowling

This statue* of Christopher Columbus at Elmwood and Reservoir Avenues is clearly not pointing in the direction of Federal Hill a neighborhood to be avoided today for many reasons. (Try Lang’s Bowlarama.) For more about Columbus, head to your local bookstore and purchase the wildly

scene of the crime

A Lighted Cigarette, An Ashtray, A Fireplace Log

And the assault during which Buddy Cianci used these weapons (according to his own sworn testimony) lasted three hours not three minutes. With apologies to the current residents it has become necessary to revive the tale of what occurred in this elegant carriage house back


Phoenix To Cease Publication

Sad sad day. Farewell issue of The Providence Phoenix will be distributed on Thursday, October 16. This just in from Phoenix News Editor Phil Eil. The Phoenix Media/Communications Group owner and publisher, Stephen Mindich, announced today that, with the issue dated October 17, the Providence

chris haines

RISD Alumni Art Sale Saturday

(10.11) The RISD Alumni Art Sale takes place this Saturday outdoors on Benefit Street. All artists participating in the sales are RISD alumni or current RISD students selling original work including prints, photographs, apparel, ceramics, glass, textiles, and this captivating ‘Cereal Light’ by Chris Haines


‘Hercules’ At Brown

(10.7) “See the movie — then think about it” The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World and the Archaeology Department Undergraduate Group present a screening of Hercules (2014), starring Dwayne Johnson. The film is about the legend of Hercules and the events that

city hall

Cianci Lies About Pension Mismanagement

The editors of the Providence Journal — “Cianci’s pension disaster” — remind us that while being a twice-convicted felon who once ran City Hall as a criminal enterprise should be reason enough not to reelect Cianci, don’t forget how terrible he was at actually running

public safety

Register To Vote, Last Day

(10.5) If you care about the future of Providence, you must elect Jorge Elorza to be the next mayor. But you must be registered by today, Sunday, October 5th! Residents of Providence can go to: 8am to 1pm, Office of the Secretary of State, 148

Columbus Logo

Voter Registration At Columbus Theatre

(10.4) Register to vote today, Saturday, October 4th, at the Columbus Theatre! (Tomorrow is the deadline for registering to vote in the crucial November election. Don’t let Nana pick the next mayor.) The good people over at the Columbus Theatre and their excellent and motivated


One Last Stroke Of His Masters’ Lever

“The first option on your ballot is the straight party option, which is discussed on page 27.” (RI Voter Information Handbook 2014) There you go, that’s all you need to know about the outgoing Secretary of State Ralph Mollis. His legacy will be as a


WBNA House Tour

(10.4) You can tour ten of West Broadway’s most interesting and newly revitalized properties this Saturday for $35. This includes some of those massive piles on Broadway itself, as well as a residence on Sutton Street, Brighton Street, and the Armenian church on Broadway which

bike & walk

Washington Bridge Bikeway/Linear Park Update

Prediction: This is going to be a huge hit. The new bikeway/walkway/sitting and viewing park elevated high above the Seekonk River is scheduled to open in November. But it wasn’t until reading Richard Salit’s description in the Saturday ProJo that I grasped the extent of