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peregrine box

Where’d Everybody Go?

Down to the last chick. C’mon little fella, get going. Those pigeons aren’t going to kill themselves. Love what they’ve done with the place this year. The paint is ‘Guano’ from the Martha Stewart SuperNeutral collection. Floor covering is ‘Feathers ‘n’ Bones’ from Target. Check

armory farmers mkt

Armory Farmers Market Thursdays

The Armory Farmers Market takes place on Thursdays through October. Vendors include Little City Growers Coop/Humble Pie/Rocket Food Truck/Tricycle Ice Cream wagon/Salisbury Farm/Crispy Green Vegetables/Mijos Tacos/Sidewalk Ends Farm/Crooked Paw Canine Delicacies/Noble Knots/Green Leaf Farm 3:30pm to 7pm, Thursdays, Armory Market, Dexter Field, Parade Street at

Big Adventure

Movies On The Block Thursday — Pee Wee!

Pretty much the perfect movie. Every single minute of ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’ is a feast. Co-written by Paul Reubens and Phil Hartman, this is 91 solid minutes of goofy joy — no padding. The cartoonish and childish character Pee Wee Herman goes on a big

Providence Arts Festival

Urban Art Murals Downtown

If you do head downtown this weekend check out the large murals created by the urban art group The Avenue Concept. Working as a Creative Partner in the Providence International Arts Festival, it will bring the Washington Street Cultural Corridor to life with murals, art

the hannah

Wild Colonial Becomes Sabin Tavern

(6.13) From flash mob to freedom — the Gaspee Incident and the Birth of America! WaterFire Providence presents ‘The Gaspee Project,’ a celebration of the very first act of war against the British Crown. (Eat it Concord). There will be walking tours and open historic

touch of evil

‘Touch Of Evil’ At Movies On The Block

(6.11) Who booked this honeymoon?  Attention budding cineastes, do not arrive late for tonight’s installment of Movies on the Block, the 1958 Orson Welles thriller “Touch of Evil” with its famous 3.5 minute opening sequence, a much-discussed tracking shot in film geek circles. The NYT

providence, ri

GQ Mag Proclaims Providence ‘Coolest City’

And this isn’t just another travel mag listicle. GQ Magazine has singled us out for particular mention in “News Flash! World’s Tiniest State Pops Out Coolest City!” The capital of Rhode Island has always punched above its weight in terms of smarts and creativity. But

lots of lots

Forum On Stadium Proposal Sold Out

(6.9) Apparently there is some interest in this topic. A forum to discuss the proposed stadium will be hosted by Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) Tuesday at the Metcalf Building at Brown. (The event will be live-streamed and taped for later airing on RIPR.) Rhode

independence trail

The Green Mile

Welcome to the Independence Trail of Providence. History buffs hoping to learn more about the Burning of the Gaspee on June 9th, 1772, might check out this point of interest at Planet and South Main Streets, the site of the Sabin Tavern where Rhode Island

CBS Morning

‘You Should Be A Plumber’

This advice from native son Dewey Dufresne to his ridiculously accomplished restaurateur son Wylie draws a laugh from CBS host Vinita Nair. But attention graduating seniors — he’s not wrong! The pair are seen here in front of Alder, Wylie’s latest venture in lower Manhattan.

All In

Chafee Announces For President With ‘Robust Peace Agenda’

Former Governor Lincoln Chafee announced his candidacy for president yesterday at George Mason University. Locals who have been scratching their heads at this odd development should check out his appearance last night on “All In with Chris Hayes” — Lincoln Chafee: 4th Democrat for President.(Chafee

Dr. Waters

The People’s Pervert Speaks At RISD Graduation

Filmmaker, author, and self-described “filth elder” John Waters delivered the RISD commencement address this afternoon. He accepted his honorary doctor’s degree “without irony” as promised but could not resist deploying a “trigger warning” in his address. It wasn’t really necessary; Dr. Waters had left the

poor boy sharpening

Blade Sharpening At Hope Street Farmers Market

Check out the Farmers Market at Lippitt Park on Saturday mornings for Kevin of Poor Boy Sharpening. He does knives, scissors, and gardening tools. You drop them off, go shop, eat, drink, come back, they’re sheathed and ready to go. (Be careful when you get

ASRI peregrine webcam

They Grow Up So Fast

Of course they eat pretty damn fast. And there seem to be several feedings a day lately. One parent sails into the box, bird carcass in beak, and it’s chow time. This is not for the faint of heart — lots of ripping and gulping

Dean Hotel

Dean Hotel In New York Times

Congrats to Clay Rockefeller et al. whose Dean Hotel is described in today’s New York Times as, “A stylish, sophisticated hotel imbued with originality and the creative spirit of the Providence arts community.” For longtime Providence residents, the transformation of the sleazy Civic View Inn