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Week in Music

Monday — @Aurora, Gymshorts, Corners, Quahogs Tuesday — @the Met (Motif Awards) VulGarrity, Husband and Wife, School of Rock @Fête Lounge, Best Kept Secret, An Honest Year, Take a Breath, This is All Now, more @Aurora, Tovarish, more @AS220, Joe DeGeorge Sax Machine, Brian 4

gamm theatre

Winter’s Tale At Gamm

Shakespeare is getting a real workout lately, it being the 400th anniversary of his death. Having your work in the public domain ensures immortality, but also, Shakespeare is really really good. Gamm is celebrating with a production of The Winter’s Tale. A royal family is

noble knots

Food Truck Fundraiser

(4.29) Help raise money for a good cause while enjoying the best of the Providence truck food. ‘Truck Stop’ will benefit the R.I Community Food Bank.  This is part of this weekend’s 2016 Eat Drink RI Festival. For more on Saturday’s ‘Grand Tasting’ and Sunday’s


Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, the Viennagram, Eric and the Nothing, Tall Teenagers, Young Lincoln @Lupo’s, Badfish, Take It to the Bridge, Cornerstone @AS220, bloodpheasant, Goddard, the Cloth @Firehouse 13, Vital Remains, Untombed, Nucleator, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Possessed Entity Saturday — @AS220, Tiny Diamond, Paper


Urban Vintage Bazaar At Arcade

(4.30) Head downtown this Saturday for the spring Urban Vintage Bazaar at the Arcade Providence. (Facebook event.) The Arcade will be full of vendors from Rhode Island and Massachusetts selling a variety of vintage goods . . . in one place, for one day. All

Purple Rain

‘Purple Rain’ At Providence Place

(4.28) Let’s go crazy. ‘Purple Rain’ is the semi-autobiographical tale of The Kid, a musician navigating the Minneapolis club scene, while dealing with a romantic rival and a difficult family life. From Rolling Stone (April 21, 2016), In the film, The Kid refuses to listen

Providence River

New Urbanism Summit

(4.29) The Congress for New Urbanism New England (CNU) will be hosting the 2016 New Urbanism Summit at various locations around town. Since its birth in 1993, the CNU has advocated for walkable cities, human-scale development, and diverse, vibrant neighborhoods. Today more than ever, people


Week In Music

Monday — @Firehouse 13, Devil’s Cut, Saint Christopher, Ten Foot Polecats, Sonny Jim Clifford @Fête Lounge, Jamie Kilstein @Aurora, Triathalon, Mouni, Host Tuesday — @the Met (Bernie Primary Party), the ‘Mericans, Allysen Callery, Dan Paswell, Jared Paul @Aurora, Tangerine, Edgar Clinks, Thug Honey @Fête Lounge,

RISD Museum

Open Studio At RISD Museum

(4.24) The RISD Museum is holding Open Studio Sunday in the Fain Gallery Artist-designed activities let visitors of all ages experience artworks in imaginative, thought provoking, and whimsical ways. The museum offers the Open Studio program once a month in both Spanish and English. Next

ballroom thieves

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Viennagram, Triangle Forest, Lovesick, the Twenty Four Hours @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Ballroom Thieves, the Dupont Brothers @Firehouse 13, the Rare Occasions, Marriage Material, Oh Malô, Von Donvan @Lupo’s, Max Creek, Jiggle @the Spot, Consider the Source, Little Known Alien, Mmere Dane

Gilder Center for Arts

Inverse Problems And Harry Potter’s Cloak

(4.20) Gunther Uhlmann may or may not be in this photograph. Mathematician Gunther Uhlmann will deliver a lecture titled “Inverse Problems and Harry Potter’s Cloak,” sponsored by the Institute for Computational Experimental Research in Mathematics. The idea of invisibility has been a subject of fascination

fine fine titans

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Stephen Steinbrink, Brendon Glasson, Sianna Plavin @Dusk, Sadistik, Ceschi, Weerd Science, Upgrade Tuesday — @Fête Lounge, Transit, Royal Street, Light Years, the Red Summer Sun @Dusk, Kississippi, Latch, Joe Touchette @AS220, Harvey Garbage, Starship Shape, Great Gale @Aurora, Buck Gooter, Black Pus,

whore paint

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Snowplows, Willow, Sharpest, Pleasure Gap @Aurora, Shame Michael Broderick, Soft Target, Worth, Creeping, Lvmmvx, Cyst @Firehouse 13, Black No. 1, Devlyn Sydus, Necrophiliac Meat Circus, Jimi Half Dead & the Die Alongs Saturday — @Fête Ballroom, Magic Man & the Griswolds, Panama

wheeler school

Wheeler Clothing Sale

(4.16) Who knows, you may even score some Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. The annual Wheeler Clothing Sale runs this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday — rain or shine. I know people who leave work early to hit the racks on Thursday. Clothing is gently worn

SE16 Exhibition

Student Exhibition At Bell Gallery

The Bell Gallery and the Department of Visual Art present the work of thirty artists in Brown’s 36th annual Student Exhibition. The juried exhibition is open to all Brown University students, regardless of major, and encourages artists to submit work in a variety of media. Jan Howard

ramming speed

Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Ramming Speed, Teazer, Worst Days, Tuesday — @the Columbus Theatre, Vandaveer, Ian Fitzgerald @AS220, Cocek! Brass Band, Extraordinary Rendition Band @the Met, LE1F, Junglepussy, Ladie Tune, Emmanuelle Guilme @Aurora, Hide, Tinnitus Stimulus, Sects, Gunboy Wednesday — @Psychic Readings, Dumpster Cookies, Amat, Why,