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twin foxes

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, My Mother’s Mustache, Under the Microscope, Unusual Business @the Spot, Strange Changes, Rah, Off the Dome @Firehouse 13, Dutchguts, Thera Roya, Cross-Armed Calculator, Corot, Hepatagua @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Sianna Plavin, Andrew St. James, Penn Sultan @AS220, Twin Foxes, Sneeze, Charles


‘Anomalisa’ Opens Friday At Cable Car

How do they do stop-action smoke? The adult, animated puppet drama ‘Anomalisa’ opens Friday at the Cable Car Cinema. Co-directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson — an Emmy winner for that stop-motion Christmas episode of Community — this R-rated puppet-love gem was the first

swagged & poufed

‘Swagged and Poufed’ At RISD

Shades of Scarlett O’Hara— I saw it in the window and just had to have it. A new exhibition ‘Swagged and Poufed: The Upholstered Body in the Late 19th Century and Today’ opens Friday at the RISD Museum. In 1890, designer William Morris quipped that

international house

Rabbie Burns Day At International House Friday

Haggis. Bagpipes. Neeps. Tatties. Men in skirts. Whiskey. It’s time for the annual Robert Burns supper at International House of Rhode Island, a celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns “The Bard of Caledonia.” …featuring Joe Scott, Master of Ceremonies, and presenter of “The Immortal Memory”;

ghost of paul revere

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, the Big Lonesome, Russ Connors, Songs to Drive Cars Tuesday — @AS220, IV Ever, Jay Minor, Conceptz, Adors, Sovocab, TJ @the Met, Tribe Society, the Karma Killers, He Heard Footsteps, New City Ghost Wednesday — @AS220, the Pillow Men, Brian4Ever Thursday —

RISDM 73-060 view 01

Attn. RI Artists And Designers: Free Membership To RISD Museum

Thanks to the generosity of a local donor, the RISD Museum will be renewing its invitation to Rhode Island residents: Free individual one-year membership for an adult who identifies as an artist or designer. (Thank you generous anonymous donor!) You can see stuff like this

beast boutique

‘Beast Boutique’ Opens At Yellow Peril

The Yellow Peril Gallery will host an opening reception for Beast Boutique, the work of Providence artist and Brown grad Jennifer Avery resulting from her residency with the Hermès Foundation. As the first American artist chosen for this prestigious program, Jennifer Avery collaborated with seamstresses


Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Lounge, Royal Street, Volcanoes, Here’s to You, the Morgana Phase, the Red Summer Sun, Another One Down @the Spot, the Copacetics, Danny Pease and the Regulators @AS220, (T-T)B, Player 2, GNäRDs, Soaps @the Met, the Mallett Brothers, Jay Berndt and the Orphans,

cherry mellow

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Chemiplastica, Bed Death, Trickery Tuesday — @Psychic Readings, Lady Queen Paradise, Most Selfless Cheerleader, J. Manana, Hurricane Irene @Firehouse 13, Young Lincoln, Allston Police, Cherry Mellow, No Recall @AS220, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Steve Volkmann, August Packard Wednesday — @AS220, Reverend Bastien, Mike


Register For RISD CE Classes

Registration starts Monday for the Spring Continuing Education courses at RISD. Classes for adults, kids, and teens. For teens courses include: Drawing, Fashion Sketchbook, Steampunk Fabrication lab. For adults courses include: Intro to illustration or sewing; Oil painting fundamentals; Intro to Adobe Photoshop, or illustrator.

grizzly mama

‘Grizzly Mama’ At Gamm

Now through February 7 George Brant’s ‘Grizzly Mama’ directed by Rachel Walshe at the Gamm Theatre. Deb is a divorced suburban mom who reimagines herself as a righteous, liberal avenger following the death of her activist mother. Her daughter, Hannah, is a typical texting teenager

jets can't land

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, Karma Rocket, Bob Kendall Band, Everett Brothers Moving Company, the Anchorites @AS220, Snowplows (record release), Ask the Dead, Public Policy, Left and Right @the Met, Collington, Anyone Anyway, the Attending Bloodstream @Aurora, Sensitive Hearts, Craig Wreck, House Red, Chrome Jackson Saturday

lunch cult

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Lunch Cult, Plein Air Tuesday — @AS220, Chained to Insanity, Improper Dosage, Dark Ritual @Firehouse 13, Algorhythm, Living in Color, the Robbie Gray Project, Maria Earabino, Hailie Lamont, Ciara Sullivan, Tom Hanson, Dying Undiscovered, Matt Calie Wednesday — @Dusk, Training Montage, Rael


Fix For The IWay

Maybe we’re getting somewhere. The ProJo reports that repairs — or what they call a “long-delayed fix for the defective railings” will start shortly on the IWay bridge. The project should last through April . . . year t.b.a. The highway’s left lanes were closed

The Weekend Riot

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, Bad Marriage, Chained to Insanity, the Hangovers Saturday — @Lupo’s, Deer Tick, Last Good Tooth @the Met, Blindside Thunder, Corners of Sanctuary, 3 Parts Dead, Third Knuckle @Fête Lounge, the House on Cliff, the Weekend Riot, Conundrum Nine @the Spot, Funky

as220 labs

Sign Up Now — AS220 Winter Workshops

AS220 Industries has announced its winter schedule. Learn a skill. Become an artist. Under ‘AS220 Labs’: Learn how to use a laser cutter to cut or etch wood, plastics, papers, or textiles; Learn how to use a CNC Router. Under ‘Media Arts’: Intro to the