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Brilliant New Parenting Strategy

Who doesn’t remember faking a sick day from school? Somehow, I think my Mom always knew, but she let me stay home anyway. Now, though, if your kid is faking sick, you can give him/her a dose of Obecalp (get it?) and push ’em out

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Mad Awkward

This dude is so awkward. Thanks Michelle Mendes.

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Finally… it’s coming!!!

Long-awaited, much-rumored, and deeply-desired. TJ is coming to L’il Rhodie! From the Projo: Offbeat grocery-store chain Trader Joe’s will open its first Rhode Island supermarket on Bald Hill Road this fall. Known for its Hawaiian-shirt-wearing employees, $3 bottles of wine and inexpensive, gourmet-style goods, Trader

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Strange, strange coincidence…

Wow. A red-tailed hawk attacks a school girl visiting Fenway Park. The young lady’s name: Alexa Rodriguez. I wonder if Mr. April is at all worried… Wow. Just wow.

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Annual NBA Bacchanal Descends on New Orleans

No other event in the American sporting scene quite captures the essence of sports like the NBA All-Star game. Where else could you find flashy rich white dudes from New Jersey bobbing their heads to Mary J. Blige? Where else could you find the amazing

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The Big Green Game

Tom Brady may really love goats, but Jack Groh might be the most important participant in this weekend’s festivities. Groh is the NFL’s environmental czar and it is his job to minimize the Super Bowl’s carbon foot print. His goal is to make the event