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Peregrines Flying The Coop

And then there were three. This was the scene this morning. The picture below was taken yesterday. You can see that the more mature of the siblings still have downy white tufts sticking out, but they have started flapping out of the box. Sometimes they

Peregrine Update

It’s insane how fast these guys grow! It’s official, four out of five of the eggs have hatched with one of the nestlings being noticeably smaller than the rest. I remember having this concern last year — would the runt successfully compete at feeding time

Peregrine Eggs Have Hatched

Feeding time! Three of the five eggs have just hatched and the parents are busy getting food and keeping the nestlings warm and cozy. It is a compelling scene: On the one hand you have the adorable fluffy white chicks falling about; while on the

Hooligan And His Person Retire

And thank you for your service. It has been brought to my attention that Officer Patty Blake has retired after decades with the Providence Police Department. Most of that time was spent with the Mounted Command on top of her beloved Hooligan. She had been

Peregrines Back In Nesting Box — And Egg!

Okay, it’s on. And thank you to Dose reader Steve who reminded us to check on the peregrine falcon nesting box located on top of the Superman building in downtown Providence. Clearly a pair is making preparations; whether it is the same pair I don’t

Happy Year Of The Rooster/Capon — Make Some Noise!

How fitting that the Chinese Year of the Rooster coincides with our own Congressional Year of the Capon. How to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Make some noise! The first day is for the welcoming of the deities of the heavens and earth . .

Off The Chain — Waterman Street Dog Park

Trust me, there are dogs in this picture, but they didn’t come to the off-leash Waterman Street Dog Park to pose for me. This place is huge and dogs make full use of the opportunity to stretch their legs and because . . . squirrel!

Free Admission To RWP Zoo Thru December

Walking around the zoo without all those pesky kids in the way can be fun and several of the animals are famously cold-loving. Unfortunately the moon bears and red pandas were laying low today. The cheetahs on the other hand were putting on a show.

North Atlantic Shark Nursery Discovered

If there is anything that can soften the image of great white sharks, it has to be the word “pups.” Ocearch, the at-sea shark laboratory, reports the discovery of what is being called the North Atlantic nursery. This expedition of scientists and fishermen just tagged

Big Blue Bear Greets Incoming Freshmen

Welcome Brown University Class of 2020! Hope you like this blue bear because it’s going to haunt your dreams every single day until you head back out those Van Wickles, even if that takes you five years. “Untitled (Lamp/Bear)” is the title of this painted

New Horses For Mounted Command

Three new horses have been donated to the Providence Police Mounted Command. Seen here is Charlie a 4-year-old Clydesdale coming in at 17.1 hands . . . for now. He may still be growing. John Hill has a nice piece in today’s ProJo “Charlie, Goliath

Library Fundraiser At Cluck!

(6.13) The Friends of Olneyville Library have joined forces with Cluck! Urban Farm and Garden Supply to raise funds and buy replacement items for Olneyville Library, which suffered damage in recent flooding. Olneyville Library was flooded on April 25 when heavy rains caused a rise

Teen Falcons Eagerly Await Arcade Stroll

(6.4) This is not a picture by urban wildlife photographer Peter Green of Providence Raptors. His pictures are way better. This is just another one of my screen grabs taken a few moments ago, following a truly gnarly feeding, but it seems important to remind

Cleaning House

Heads up, pedestrians. These peregrine parents are fastidious housekeepers and fly the picked-over bird carcasses out of the box asap. It’s unclear where the leftovers end up. Are they scattered around the roof, or are they falling to the sidewalks below? Seems like we’d hear

Peregrine Chicks Have Hatched!

Three out of four of the eggs in the ASRI peregrine nesting box hatched yesterday and they are already eating solid food. Very solid, stringy, feathery food. The fourth egg, a dud apparently, has been kicked to the side on the left, and bits of

Say Goodbye To Elephants

(4.28) The end of an era. Good thing too. Following this tour Ringling Brothers will be retiring its trained elephants, two years ahead of its original schedule. National Geographic reported on the negative publicity that forced the decision. Early in May, 11 female elephants that