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Artist Talk At Bell Gallery — More Dead Animals

(3.17) Another installment in the ‘Dead Animals’ symposium series at the Bell Gallery, this time with artist Nicholas Galanin, a multi-disciplinary artist and musician of mixed Tlingit/Aleut and non-Native ancestry. His work “often explores a dialogue of change and identity between Native and non-Native communities.”

Waterman St. Dog Park

Those getting on and off the Henderson Bridge have probably noticed the new fencing and landscaping activity where the ramps divide — this will be the new Waterman St. Dog Park. According to the website plans include:  2 ½ acres of fenced park Water fountain

Taxidermy/Art Symposium At Bell Gallery

Taxidermy, Art, and the Animal Question: A Symposium will be presented Friday and Saturday in conjunction with the Dead Animals show (up through March 27) at Bell Gallery. Artist Rachel Poliquin gives the keynote lecture —Taxidermy and the Poetics of Strangeness — at 7:30pm, Friday,

Nightmare Fuel

My friend Dr. Moreau tells me the word ‘freaks’ has fallen out of favor — these creatures are just chimerically challenged. We warned our readers that this show might not be to everyone’s taste, but jeez is this thing ever creepy. Taxidermy is unsettling enough,

WaterFire Mascot Found!

[Additional Note: Tim has left a long comment below on the the entire ordeal. Of course they can only guess at parts of the story. So relieved this had a happy outcome. BC] What a great way to start the week. Bet they’re celebrating down

Help Find Bean/Found

[FOUND — January 24th!] Lost in the Regent Avenue neighborhood. Bean, the WaterFire mascot dog, is still missing. This is personal here at the Dose. Bean is cared for (and dressed and photographed) by Dose creator and designer, Tim Blankenship. In addition to being the

Bald Eagles Nesting

And just a stone’s throw from downtown Providence. A few years ago urban wildlife photographer Peter Green (Providence Raptors) got a tip that a pair of bald eagles was building a nest nearby, but he found it occupied by red-tailed hawks at the time. Then

Where’d Everybody Go?

Down to the last chick. C’mon little fella, get going. Those pigeons aren’t going to kill themselves. Love what they’ve done with the place this year. The paint is ‘Guano’ from the Martha Stewart SuperNeutral collection. Floor covering is ‘Feathers ‘n’ Bones’ from Target. Check

They Grow Up So Fast

Of course they eat pretty damn fast. And there seem to be several feedings a day lately. One parent sails into the box, bird carcass in beak, and it’s chow time. This is not for the faint of heart — lots of ripping and gulping

The Peregrine Hatchlings Have Arrived

It’s showtime people! Last Saturday the ASRI peregrine webcam announced the arrival of three hatchlings (one egg may be a nonstarter). Just minutes ago the dad flew into the box with a bloody gobbet of some poor creature (circle of life and all that) and

Great White Heads North

Here she comes. Three years ago an Ocearch biologist tagged a 16-foot great white shark off of Cape Cod and named her Mary Lee, after his mom. Mary Lee is making her annual springtime trip up the coast, headed no doubt for the all-you-can-eat seal

The New Peregrine Eggs Are In — Time To Party

The ASRI peregrine webcam page reports that the female is now sitting on four eggs! I have been unable to confirm this as she just will not move. No matter how hard I stare I can not get her lift up her skirts even a

Providence Peregrine Webcam Goes Online

The Providence Peregrine Webcam is up and running. Every spring the Rhode Island Audubon Society sets up the nesting box, and its live feed, atop the Superman Building (111 Westminster Street) in downtown Providence. The latest news is posted at the website. Yesterday’s report “Peregrines

Winter Wonder Days At The Zoo

Admission to Roger Williams Park Zoo is half-priced during January and February. Many of the cold-hardy animals are at their best in the winter. Check out the moon bears, snow leopards, and the Himalayan red panda pictured here. Red pandas can lose up to 15%

Nothing To It

This shot of a harbor seal frolicking his ass off comes courtesy of urban wildlife photographer Peter Green who explains, “It was low tide so a rock was exposed for him to balance on briefly.” (So either Jesus is totally busted or we have a

Eastern Wild Turkey

This shot was taken this month by ‘Mericans frontman Chris Daltry at his home just north of the city. A sizable population of turkeys has been terrorizing the Daltry cats for some years now. This one was flapping out of a tree where it had