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Design The Night Thursday — ‘What Nerve’ Opens At RISD

Admission is free during the evening event series ‘Design the Night’ at RISD Museum. This week you can check out What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present, and the Providence-issue launch of the publication Outpost Journal. Bill Van Siclen writes for


New Exhibitions At Providence Art Club

The Providence Art Club will open three new exhibitions with a reception on Sunday, September 7th, from 2pm to 4pm. The shows will include work by more than 20 artists and runs through September 26th. The shows will include the work of more than 20

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Poster Show At MWM

(9.6) The National Poster Retrospecticus, a traveling show of more than 300 hand-printed posters from over 100 poster artists, will end its 2014 tour this Saturday at Machines With Magnets. Seen here: Ian Cozzens printed on French Paper. Artists include: Alison Nitkiewicz, Aled Thibodeau, Mimi


‘Safe Space’ Opens At AS220 Project Space

AS220 ‘In the Galleries’ for September includes ‘Safe Space: A Collaborative Drawing Project’ by Delia Kovac and Marissa Paternoster in the AS220 Project Space. And, yes, this is the same Marissa Paternoster who fronts the New Jersey power trio Screaming Females who blew the doors


‘Design The Night’ Celebration At RISD

(8.21) RISD Museum holds its Thursday ‘Design the Night’ celebration this week which means you can check out the new ‘Circus’ exhibition for free. The spectacle of the American and European circus takes center stage this summer in Circus—a glimpse into the visual world of

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First Ever RI Independent Press Expo

(8.3) The Rhode Island Independent Press Expo — a festival celebrating comics, books, and zines — takes place over three days in two locations: Friday evening at Ada Books, and Saturday and Sunday at the Providence Public Library downtown. Friday — Live Comics Reading (more

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‘Design The Night’ At RISD Museum

(6.19) Check out the newly reopened and updated 6th floor galleries featuring Egyptian artifacts, Asian prints and ceramics — the Buddha’s back! — and the all new Costume and Textile Gallery, tonight at RISD Museum’s ‘Design the Night.’ Bill van Siclen reviewed the new galleries

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‘Cosmic Top Secret’ Peter Glantz Performance

(6.15) More at the Bell Gallery as part of the ‘Going Nowhere’ exhibition — follow artist Peter Glantz as he leads an experimental tour of the show. Please join us on Saturday June 14th and Sunday 15th for performances of Peter Glantz’s Cosmic Top Secret.

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‘Alumni Artists In Providence’ — Bell Gallery

A new exhibition “Going Nowhere: Alumni Artists in Providence” opens Friday with a reception at the Bell Gallery and runs through July 7th. The exhibition features six alumni artists who have chosen to live and work in Providence since graduating from Brown University. Notable for

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Public Art Frame ‘Opens’

(6.1) Well, it’s already open. Head down to Pike Street today at 5pm for the official opening of Matthew Kramer’s ‘Wood-Frame Arch’ (this may not be the title of the work, per se, but in the absence of any other information we’ll go with that).

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Hope Is Just An Illusion

I can hardly make sense of this picture and I took it. Discovered today on Hope Street — artist Michael Macaulay. What this work will look like by tomorrow is anybody’s guess, but you’ll have to play in traffic to get a good look. Macauley,

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Dean Snyder At Cade Tompkins

What the aliens left behind. The current exhibit at Cade Tompkins, up through June 20th, features the metallic pods, spore sacs, molten ooze, and webbing of Dean Snyder. Organic, sexy and slick, Dean Snyder’s work has moved into the high tech medium of metal flake

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Atelier Rosenkrantz Open For Business

Is there something in the zeitgeist? Seems like you can’t swing a dead cat these days without hitting a luthier. Is this a country-wide phenomenon, or are they all specifically congregating here? And what is the noun of collection for luthiers? (I suggest ‘fluther’. .

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’100 Plus’ Opens At Machines With Magnets

Head over to Machines With Magnets tonight for an opening reception for ’100Plus.’ Hosted by Mike Kelly & Machines With Magnets 100+ works for $100 by 100 Providence Artists. 25% of proceeds go to the Dave Lamb Education Fund. Music by Gavage + Ravi Shavi

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RISD Graduate Show Opens

The 2014 RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition — from May 16th through 31st at the RI Convention Center — featuring 170 artists and designers is a showcase of work across 15 graduate programs including: ceramics, sculpture, metalsmithing, architecture, photography, glass, graphic design, industrial design, printmaking, painting,

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RISD Senior Shows Continue At Woods-Gerry

Well . . . it’s either jewelry, metalsmithing, or photography. The RISD Senior shows at Woods-Gerry come and go pretty quickly. “Jewelry and Photography” remains open through Tuesday, May 13th. Materials include human hair, tegua nuts, and intestine (quite lovely, pic after the jump). And