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Army Rattles Sabers — Frays Nerves

I hate to bother Senator Jack Reed right now — he’s got a lot on his plate — but the extreme nature of Friday’s army exercises may not be entirely unconnected to the dangerous idiot in the White House, so I’m going to give him

How About Zero Dollars For PawSox Stadium

Last Friday Governor Raimondo announced to the Providence Journal that the state should be giving no more than $35 million to the millionaire owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox. This came two days after the news that a considerable shortfall is expected for the state

No Taxpayer Funds For PawSox Stadium

Go PawSox! No really . . . go. Get your hands out of my pockets and go away. Millionaire team owner Larry Lucchino is back with a new pitch — he heard your concerns and has repackaged his outrageous demands. Gone is that not true

Kilmartin Tries Some Gorilla Dust

What Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin doesn’t want you thinking about right now: His role as one of the legislators who voted ‘yes’ to pass the legislation that paved the way for the disastrous, state-backed 38 Studios loan. His role in the subsequent four-year investigation

Paul Ryan In Town — Let’s Go Say Hello

(3.2) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is coming to town Thursday. His exact plans and itinerary are not known at this time. According to the ProJo, The reason for the Wisconsin Republican’s visit to the Ocean State — and the timing of his anticipated

Brown University Eyes Angell Street For Demolition

Last year the insatiable Brownzilla stripped Brooks Street of its architectural character; now it has Angell Street in its sites. According to the Facebook page “Save the UEL” Brown intends to raze the Urban Environmental Laboratory (UEL), and its community gardens, located on Angell Street

No Tax Dollars For Stadium

“We have to come to our senses and stop signing these deals.” John Oliver’s takedown of America’s publicly-funded stadium scam has been viewed over 7,000,000 times since 2015, and yet not one member of the Providence Journal editorial board seems to have had the time.

Lewis Black At PPAC

(2.3) This picture calms me. Tickets are still available for the Lewis Black “Rant, White, & Blue” tour Friday night at PPAC. Black discussed recent events with Stephen Colbert. (Daily Beast) “I did a lot of hallucinogens when I was younger in order to prepare

New Awning Idea (S = k. log W) Entropy

Sorry folks, but the bangle bubble has burst. Maybe Alex & Ani CEO Carolyn Rafaelian can have thermodynamic states (as relates to gas) explained to her by her real live “vital force” scientists. I’m sorry for the people who may be losing their jobs this

Stop Fracked Gas Liquefaction Facility In Providence

Several state legislators are fighting a proposed environmentally regressive fracked gas liquefaction facility that National Grid wants to erect next to an existing holding tank on Fields Point. Once the location of the Sassafras Point Lighthouse, National Grid now uses the site — Terminal Road

ProJo Moving Katherine Gregg From Statehouse Beat

That loud noise you heard was the sound of champagne corks popping over at the Statehouse, and heads exploding around the state. The news that the Providence Journal is reassigning Katherine Gregg to the newspaper’s downtown newsroom is sure to gladden the hearts of the

Stadium Nightmare In Hartford

If there is anyone left on earth who still thinks that publicly funded stadiums are a good idea, I give you the Hartford Yard Goats, currently playing out of Binghamton, New York. What . . . a . . . mess. John Kostrzewa writes in

‘No’ To The Conley Hall Of Fame And Lottery

Anyone wondering what the Patrick Conley Heritage Hall of Fame would look like need go no further than the book store/gift shop in the State House Visitors Center (seen here — all six are Conley titles). I have written about this before and a recent

Marathons In The City — Why?

If you tried to get into, or through, or around downtown Providence last Sunday I don’t need to tell you what a snarled-up nightmare it was. Here is a list of the events that were being held simultaneously: New England Institute of Technology graduation Ringling

There’s Already A Street Named For Buddy

The Providence Journal editorial board has called into question the need for taxpayers to further honor twice-convicted former mayor Buddy Cianci. As reported earlier in the week the City Council is considering naming the sidewalks on either side of the Gateway Arch on Atwells Avenue

Say ‘No’ To Tax On Medical Marijuana

So, recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and the Denver Broncos just won the Super Bowl — one more argument in favor of legalizing and taxing marijuana here in Rhode Island. And while it appears that our governor is coming around to the whole taxing