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Kilmartin Tries Some Gorilla Dust

What Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin doesn’t want you thinking about right now: His role as one of the legislators who voted ‘yes’ to pass the legislation that paved the way for the disastrous, state-backed 38 Studios loan. His role in the subsequent four-year investigation

Deer Tick In The Sour Patch

Interesting piece in New York magazine (online at Vulture) about the Brooklyn crash pad for indie musicians being sponsored by Sour Patch Kids candy. In what their ad agency insists on calling “experiential marketing” certain “emerging artists” are invited to stay at The Patch for

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Who Leaves Their Wallet In The Car?

Ever? Never mind at Christmas time in a car filled with packages. U.S. Representative David Cicilline claims that his car was broken into on Christmas Eve while it was parked outside Loie Fuller’s on Westminster Street (Turnto10). Channel 12 obtained the police report which they