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We’re number one . . . yay? Looks like the new podcast ‘Crimetown’ has a winner on its hands. The first season, devoted to Providence, is topping the iTunes podcast charts, and lots of locals are raving about the production — the podcast’s creators, Marc

Food Trucks At City Hall

A gaggle of food trucks will congregate on the fourth Thursday of every month, now through August. (Facebook event.) Come to historic City Hall in Providence and experience the streets lined with local food trucks. This new monthly event is held the 4th Thursday of

A Resurgence Of What

Mayor Elorza announced today that “Providence is turning an important corner. Everywhere you look, there are encouraging signs.” We are evidently to call this phenomenon the “Providence resurgence.” (Please, no new logos, slogans, or ad campaigns. Just leave the surging to us.) One item discussed

Providence Closes A Chapter

Let’s take this opportunity to stride boldly into the 21st century, finally shaking off our nation-wide reputation as a hopeless sink of graft and patronage. Our notorious pay-to-play business climate has kept us behind the eight ball for years. And for those who wouldn’t pay,

Aponte Attacks Unemployment Problem

One friend at a time. “‘I don’t think we are at the point where $55,000 is going to break the budget.’” So says City Council President Luis A. Aponte in today’s ProJo regarding another recent city council hire. Spoken just like a person spending someone


What are they? Where do they come from? What do they want from us? Mayor Elorza has some answers. This year, the City is using new equipment to help improve the speed and quality of pothole repairs. The City has more than tripled the number

Mayoral Inauguration

(1.5) Mayor-elect Jorge O. Elorza will be sworn in as Providence’s 38th Mayor on Monday, January 5th. 1:30pm: Seating opens for Inauguration Ceremony, steps of Providence City Hall 2pm: Inauguration Ceremony 3:00pm: Reception with Mayor Elorza, City Hall, second floor 7pm: One Providence Inaugural Celebration,

¡Un Solo Providence! — Elorza Elected Mayor

“The eyes of the nation were upon us and today the people of Providence have spoken. We’ve made history,” Elorza said. “But more importantly, we’ve set Providence on a path to a bright future. I feel privileged to have earned the trust of the people

Mitchell Mounts Credible Write-In Campaign In Ward 3

[UPDATE: Mitchell ahead by 22 votes! Still unofficial but the Providence Journal reports that Marcus Mitchell may just have pulled this off! BC] When lawn signs start appearing for a write-in campaign, something is up. Marcus Mitchell, founding president of the Providence Community Library, is

Brown Mayoral Debate Sold Out

(10.15) There may still be tickets available in the overflow area (?) for Wednesday’s mayoral debate at Brown, but the large auditorium of Salomon Center has been sold out. This could be interesting. [Additional Note: Good job, everyone. Read about the debate in ProJo 10.15.14.]

Elorza Fundraiser At Jacky’s

(10.14) Channel your rage by getting Jorge Elorza elected Mayor of Providence! Head down to Jacky’s tonight for a fundraiser aimed at all income levels. Be a host for $100, a supporter for $50, or make an individual donation of $25. OR — pay your

A Lighted Cigarette, An Ashtray, A Fireplace Log

And the assault during which Buddy Cianci used these weapons (according to his own sworn testimony) lasted three hours not three minutes. With apologies to the current residents it has become necessary to revive the tale of what occurred in this elegant carriage house back

Dozens (Not Zero) City Employees Donate To Cianci Campaign

So, how can you tell when Cianci is lying? His lips are moving. Tired, old joke I know, but these gotchas are happening daily at this point. The following statement made on September 17th would seem unambiguous enough. “I haven’t taken a dime from any

Cianci Lies About Pension Mismanagement

The editors of the Providence Journal — “Cianci’s pension disaster” — remind us that while being a twice-convicted felon who once ran City Hall as a criminal enterprise should be reason enough not to reelect Cianci, don’t forget how terrible he was at actually running

Mayoral Debate

(9.30) Channel 12 Eyewitness News and The Providence Journal are hosting a series of mayoral debates — watch live at Channel 11 Fox or at Tonight’s debate takes place at RIC and will be moderated by Target 12 investigator Tim White, reporter Ted

Incontrovertible Proof — Cianci Is A Horrible Horrible Person

He says so himself. When the ProJo first ran “Felon mayor’s own words condemn him” by Steven Frias in July my first thought was that I would be reviving and sharing this piece as the election drew closer . . . if needed. Well, it