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(9.25) I love this artwork but . . . how many E’s we got going on here? No matter. The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIExpo) has events all weekend in assorted venues. Friday has already kicked off at Ada Books! Sorry about the lateness.

Meet The Artists — New Comics At Ada

(5.26) Brent Legault invites you to a comics event at Ada Books this Thursday evening. (Facebook event for ‘Gorgeous is as Gorgeous Does.’) Cathy G. Johnson & Mimi Chrzanowski have new comics that they want to show you. Come to Ada Books on May 26th

Learn To Draw Comics At Rochambeau

(7.21) Join artist, educator, performer, Eric Fulford, today at the Rochambeau Library and learn how to draw comics. Check out Fulford’s comic book workshops for an idea of what to expect. He will likely address character design and cover design. After graduating from Providence College

RIPExpo This Weekend

The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPExpo) is a weekend devoted to small-press and self-published comics, zines and books. Artists and writers from all over North America will join local creators to exhibit work and generate discussion. RIPExpo is committed to giving voice to those

First Ever RI Independent Press Expo

(8.3) The Rhode Island Independent Press Expo — a festival celebrating comics, books, and zines — takes place over three days in two locations: Friday evening at Ada Books, and Saturday and Sunday at the Providence Public Library downtown. Friday — Live Comics Reading (more

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Julie Newmar At Rhode Island Comic Con

(11.2) Actress Julie Newmar has Con-cred for miles. While her appearance this Saturday at the Rhode Island Comic Con (RICC) owes to her unassailable title as Best Catwoman Ever — that never starts an argument — let’s not forget her first starring role as Rhoda

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‘My Friend Dahmer’ Creator Derf At RISD

(1.28) The RISD Illustration and Literary Arts and Studies Department presents A Conversation with Derf Backderf about “My Friend Dahmer.” Join comix creator Derf Backderf for a slideshow presentation on his graphic novel “My Friend Dahmer,” the haunting memoir of the author’s teenage friendship with

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RI’s First Comic Con This Weekend

Rhode Island will host its first comics convention featuring sci-fi movie and television celebs as well as noted figures from the world of comics (and for some reason, the Seinfeld ‘Soup Nazi’). Organizers told the Providence Journal, . . . the event will generally follow

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Lo-Fi, Low Brow Comics At Ada Books

(8.24) Wise-cracking apples, eggplants and pears; foul-mouthed birds and bleeding tomatoes; dead carrots and heartless bananas; stone-faced bunnies; conceited vampire bats; snogging peanut butter; half-witted cat-munchkins; naked wieners; and poop. All this (and more!) can be yours, at Ada Books this Friday, where Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much) and

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Stooges Movie A Winner

I feel compelled to write again about “The Three Stooges” movie because I saw it last night and it’s actually kind of special. My original misgivings about this whole endeavor were quickly dispelled. The complex choreography, the sound effects, the sight gags, all just barrel

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Chippendale And C.F. Do Things At Ada

Just a reminder. Ada Books hosts Brian Chippendale and C.F. kicking off a, . . . Non-Musical & Mostly Verbal & Visual Tour of Tours. Their newly minted books — If ‘n Oof & Powr Mastrs 3, respectively — will be on hand and there

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Harvey Pekar R.I.P.

Sympathies to Cleveland — native son and writer Harvey Pekar has died at 70. According to The New York Times, A spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s office told The Plain Dealer that Mr. Pekar was found dead by his wife, Joyce Brabner, about 1

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The Triumphant Return Of The Other Joe Bernstein

We warmly welcome back TOJB, who manages always (here. here) to put things in perspective, with his riffs on the classic Joe Bernstein comment to this post about the way gay people are treated at certain pizza parlors in downtown Providence. When I was growing

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From Ian Donnis over at WRNI comes this — Bob Seay’s recent interview with Brian Chippendale who seems unable to stop covering paper with ink. His upcoming graphic novel If ‘n Oof (that apostrophe moves about) is available for pre-order over at Picture Box where

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Comics Release Party At Ada’s

Meet the artists and eat some snacks at the Taffy Hips Issue #6 coming out party tonight at Ada’s Books. 7pm to 10pm, Wednesday, Ada’s Books, 717 Westminster Street

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Whoops — Tea Party Forgets Bills Of Attainder Are Unconstitutional

I have a short post up at HuffPo, about the obvious ridiculousness of the self-appointed defenders of the Constitution and all that is righteous pushing through a bill of attainder to single out ACORN for punishment without trial: We’ll know the Mad Hatters really care