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Spa Sting Arrests Three Adult Women, No Men

By Nick Horton: The second series of arrests for indoor prostitution occurred Thursday night, Projo article here, resulting in three arrests of adult women and no human trafficking charges.  From the reports I heard, there were no translators present, and as you can see in

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The Mayor has vetoed the City Council’s recent changes to the Providence External Review Authority, entity that’s meant to monitor police abuse, which has historically been higher in Providence than in all but a couple of other large cities. And he’s upped the ante, by

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Fundraiser For Open Doors

Open Doors, until recently known as the Family Life Center, helped lead the groundbreaking movement to restore voting rights of those on probation and parole in RI.  In its day-to-day work it helps those who are leaving prison reintegrate into our communities, and fights high-cost

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I Have Seen The Future Of The Republican Party

And his name is George Hutchins.  Just a couple minutes poking around his campaign website for North Carolina’s Fourth District will make it clear that Hutchins is the real deal, not one of those fake conservatives. And as any REAL conservative knows, the reason that

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Another Week, Another Column

By the pompous-as-ever Ed Achorn, decrying we Neanderthal legislators who care not to punish victims of human trafficking. We know he thinks highly of himself, but the repeated self-congratulations must still be at least a bit hollow. So I’ve invited him to visit the ACI

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Mob To Move To Massachusetts

Channel 12 says that the center of gravity of the New England mob is about to shift back to Boston. The wonderfully sensationalistic video can be viewed here. PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – We’ve learned a major shift in power is happening right now inside the

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The Danger Of The Rhetoric Of Punishment

Why do we give the enforcers of criminal law — our police, our prosecutors, our jailers — so much power to make it? The last year of controversy, culminating in last week’s decision to outlaw indoor prostitution, proved once again that debates about criminal law